Swarms of Mysterious Insects Take Over Philly Neighborhoods

Flying bugs are taking over parts of Philly and social media is hilariously buzzing with information, photos and criticism of the airborne bandits sending people into an uproar. Residents reported on Facebook and Twitter about finding swarms of unidentified winged insects swarming parts of Philadelphia, including the areas of South Philadelphia, Fishtown, and even parts of Bucks County and South Jersey.


One resident said it was just downright nasty and that she saw the swarms move from Frankford and Thompson over to the proximity of her house at Memphis and Montgomery.  She said that she and her family were covered from head to toe in the winged insects. No pictures exist, but would sure love to see that.

A witty Twitter user, and resident of Philly's Bella Vista area, said the insects were indeed flying ants and that, "Apparently this is what they do to mate: grow wings and throw a party."

Another resident that the insects swarm people's hair, shoes and even shorts and quips to stay safe as the bugs are clearly in charge.

Viewers of a local news outlet reported seeing similar swarms in areas of Bucks and Chester County, Pennsylvania as well as Cherry Hill and Salem County, New Jersey.  A webcam in Medford, New Jersey caught a large group of flying bugs swarming deer in the early evening.

In Connecticut some residents have dubbed what is likely and annual mating ritual "Labor Day Ants".  One resident said that her home had been bombarded by a zillion buts that look like gnats and noted that everyone is putting up plastic on their windows and taping them to keep the annoyances outside.

Police authorities said they had no details on where the flying insects came from, but took a chance to tweet a little humor into the situation by referencing The Simpsons, "Hmm. No, We don't know where all of these gnats came from, either. However, we, for one, welcome our new insect overlords."  In yet another reference to the Simpsons cartoon, Philadelphia Public Health Department tweeted in jest that they have gotten many calls from the media about what to do about the annoying flying ants and they recommend NOT to use flamethrowers.

Experts mentioned that both male and female ants grow wings for travel when it's time to mate, then the females fly off to start a new colony. They have also noted that similar incidents have affected other sates recently, including Connecticut.  An insect expert told reporters that the insects seem to be winged ants who have ventured above ground solely to mate.  While most ant colonies tend to swarm during mating season around the same time annually, they cannot confirm that his is what is happening now in Philly.

John Cambridge from Philadelphia's Insectarium mentioned that the bugs are usually called gnats or no-see-ums. People sure see-um this time!

I would say that with all the other natural disasters happening right now, an ant apocalypse is a pretty good crisis to have in lieu of the other things Mother Nature is throwing at the nation.

It's been stated that if you find yourself in a swarm of the ant-gnats, to raise your hand in the air because the bugs will gravitate towards your highest point. It's not recommended to punch the bugs, protest them, or use flamethrowers.