Swing-seat Democrats say No to Trump impeachment

The pressure to launch an impeachment inquiry against the U.S. President Donald Trump is strengthening. However, Vulnerable House Democrats representing swing districts continue to resist the pressure to support the plan. While the majority of House Democratic Caucus is backing the impeachment, many of the "majority makers" in swing districts continue to stay on the sidelines.



Out of the 55 Democrats on the House GOP, only 13 of them publicly support the plan to impach the President. Many impeachment advocates continue to pressure Democratic Representatives Conor Lamb, Josh Gottheimer, Andy Kim, Colin Allred, Mikie Sherrill and many others who represent swing districts. So far, none of them are known to be in favor of the impeachment inquiry. 


While the Democrats gave Speaker Nancy Pelosi leverage, she argues as to why she is against the plan to impeach the President. Pelosi believes it makes no sense to go forward with the impeachment as they do not have the 218 votes that are necessary to win a vote on the floor. Also, they don't meet the 67 Senate votes required for a conviction. She has warned allies that an impeachment proceeding can backfire as it once did on Clinton's time and its effect on Republicans. 


There are 13 Democratic Lawmakers who do back impeachment. The Judiciary Committee has been making an effort to determine whether or not they should recommend impeachment articles. The committee argues that this impeachment inquiry is "effectively underway" without taking a formal vote calling it as such. Some Democrats who are currently in a vulnerable state merely express their support through words.