Sylville Smith got himself shot, rioters in #Milwaukee are LOSERS


milwaukee riots

23-year-old Sylville K. Smith was stopped by police on a normal traffic stop. Smith ran from the police. Smith did not listen to the police. Smith pointed a gun at police when he turned around. Cops shot him. Cop cams show the shooting. The MAYOR watched it and basically said the shooting was justified. What else is there to know? Why are people rioting and burning down Milwaukee?

For starters, Sylville K. Smith is black. Once a black person is shot by police, people lose their mind. They don't even care if the guy was a loser criminal who pointed a gun at cops. That doesn't matter anymore. The guy can set a grandmother on fire and break her arms, but if a cops shoots a black criminal, then that's the end of the world for people who fall for the race baiting hate group nonsense from Black Lives Matter. When will people stop sticking up for criminals and start standing up for the good guys?

Fox News - Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett called for the quick release of the body camera footage, which he said he had not seen. Barrett said he had seen a still photo extracted from the tape, however. ?That still photo demonstrates without question that [Smith] had a gun in his hand, and I want our community to know that,? Barrett said.

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Sylville Smith loser milwaukee

There's a really big catch to this story.

The cop who shot him is also black. The cops also gave Smith CPR in hopes to save him, but no luck there.

This was a black cop who shot a black criminal. No one can play the race card on this shooting.

So what happens next? Intelligent people would say "well he ran from the cops and pointed a gun, so he kind of deserved to be shot because the cops have to protect themselves and those in the area" but we all know that didn't happen.

Instead, the wonderful people of Milwaukee said "oh well, let's riot anyway" and they destroyed their own neighborhood and looted local businesses. One woman was so upset by the shooting that she broke into a hair salon and stole some weaves. If stealing hair doesn't have LOSER written all over it, then I don't know what does. While I think it was absolutely hilarious that she did this, it doesn't make it right and the shooting of Sylville K. Smith doesn't justify further crimes.

lady who stole weaves milwaukee riots

She's so mad about the shooting that she just HAD TO STEAL SOME HAIR FOR THAT WEAVE!!

Protesters and rioters lit cars on fire, burnt a gas station, threw rocks at journalists, and shot guns at the firemen who were trying to do their job and save the town.

I don't know what happened to America, but people used to be smarter than this. Back in the day we used to call a crook a crook and if they got themselves shot, then OH WELL. When you're a criminal who RUNS FROM THE POLICE and POINTS A GUN AT COPS, then you're probably going to get shot. The cops MUST protect themselves and also eliminate a threat that could fire a shot into the public areas and possibly hit someone else. Why risk someone getting shot by a stray bullet when we don't have to?

Just shoot the criminal with the gun and be about our business. If people don't want to get shot by cops, then stop committing crimes and pointing guns at cops. It's really that easy. If someone pointed a gun at you, you would shoot them too. So why do people complain when the cops do it? The cops are people too.

Cops have families.

If someone runs away, then turns and points a gun at a cop, then the cop SHOULD shoot them. Sylville K. Smith got himself shot because he was a loser, just like everyone rioting and ruining their own town in Milwaukee. The rioters in Milwaukee are degenerate losers. Stop being an uneducated loser.

Start being an intelligent winner. Here's a video of people embarrassing America by acting like savages.