T-Rex races could be the greatest thing you see today

T-Rex went extinct about 65 million years ago, but they are more alive than ever! No, we are not talking about another Jurassic Park movie or scientists who are trying to clone this probably the most famous dinosaur.

This is perhaps the most bizarre T-Rex story, as it is about a race held at Emerald Down racetrack in Auburn, Washington.


Of course, T-Rexes were only people in costumes of this feared animal, but what made things even more hilarious is that costumes were oversized. While all the outfits were the same, participants had their unique names, and the one called Regular Unleaded proved to be extraordinary since he won the race in front of Rex Girlfriend.

What is impressive here is that only one of T-Rexes went down on the ground, despite crowded conditions and costumes that don't look comfortable at all!

Cody Bennett of company TriGuard that organizes this race says that they are especially happy about the response from the crowd. In his words, there is something for everyone, as kids are enjoying while their parents are betting on the winner like it's a horse race.


While you may not have heard of this event before, it's been held every year since 2017, and last year ESPN covered the race as more than a million people watched it. Still, only this year the competition was formalized, in a sense that there is a starting gate for the first time, so that everyone has the same chance of winning.

If you are wondering, there is no reward for participation, and even the winner doesn't get anything but bragging rights.

Cody Bennett and his company are saying that they are encouraged to invest more into T-Rex races and that next year will be extra special, although he didn't explain what plans do they have.

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