Taco Bell Hotel sells out in 2 minutes

So many people talk about financial crisis on the markets these days. But there are surely some niches that troubles don't touch, at all. If you don't believe us, just speak with Taco's Bell company's management.

They recently decided to open their first (and probably – the only one?) pop-up hotel in Palm Springs. All rooms were sold in few minutes after opening reservations online. There were so many reservation requests, that hotel's official website had to serve funny comment for all those that couldn't connect with it due to its popularity: "we knew that were popular, but this is a bitch much."


Like it appeared later, all reservations were sold out in literally minutes. And guess what were the prices of the cheapest rooms – they started from 169 bucks per night!

So, what will be the attractions for the hotel's guests? That won't be only Taco Bell-themed food, that's for sure. Hotel will also have live DJs, yoga classes, movie screenings, pool parties, branded mani-pedis and much more.

But above all, of course – Taco's Bell food. Just like the design of rooms – it will resemble somehow Taco Bell brand and its products. So the guests will have the unique chance to not only eat tacos, burritos all day long. They can also emerge themselves in Taco Bell-themed rooms, just like float in the pool on giant inflatable sauce packets from, you heard it right, Taco Bell.


Like the company's spokesperson said, this is the place where "all Taco Bell dreams come true".

And we have to admit – this one is a great PR gig for the company and will surely help it to set itself apart in a really busy and crowded market of fast food chains.

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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