Tampax causes controversy on social media by saying: Not all people with periods are women

Welcome to 2020 where it just gets more weird every single day. Tampax, a brand who makes feminine products, has caused quite a controversy on social media when they posted about non-biological women allegedly getting periods. Of course, this is nothing but social justice warrior gender bender nonsense.

And of course, the responses from the people in the comments showed how people really felt when they rolled their eyes behind their head to read this absolutely dreadful tweet by the company that basically alienates REAL women just to show support for a few men in dresses who want to pretend they get a period, but we all know the facts - they don't. Periods are what real women, with real female organs have.

Men, even if we dress up like a lady, and even if we get our wee-wee hacked off - do not get a real actual period. No, we do not. I don't care if a post-op trans has fluid leaking or something like that, it's NOT an actual true period like the real ladies get. Sorry dudes, it's just not the same thing. And yeah, sure, I sound like a jerk for saying it, but can the companies out there stop alienating the real women just to appease a handful of gender benders? Come on, man!

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