Target sales down almost 10%, probably because there's guys in the ladies room

I was browsing news on USA Today and saw an article that said Target sales were down 9.7% and the stocks dropped 6.5%. My first thought is that people really did boycott Target for allowing men in the women's bathroom. I thought for sure that it would mull over and people would resume shopping at Target again, but apparently I was certainly wrong. Target states that it's from a "difficult retail environment" and I think it's actually from a difficult bathroom environment. People don't care if there's transgenders out there. Big deal. I could care less. People can dress up however they like. However, I don't want men in the women's room. Sorry. I have a daughter on the way and I don't need to worry about knocking some ogre's lights out because he's a creep in the potty. Does anyone remember the crimes that happen when a transgender takes pictures in the women's bathroom? Or how about when a man choked an 8-year-old girl? Disgusting guys are going to use transgender bathroom laws to sneak into the women's room and abuse people. It's not the transgenders who are the problem, it's the phony guys dressing up like one trying to get their rocks off by snapping illegal pictures or assaulting someone because they have super easy access to victims in the ladies room. No thanks. If you're a man who is confident enough to dress as a woman, then you should be confident enough to wear those clothes in the men's room where your little wee wee says you should be. target transgender bathrooms
USA Today - Target said?Wednesday that its second-quarter earnings fell 9.7% to $680 million and lowered its sales?estimate for the rest of the year, citing "a difficult retail environment." Shares of TGT?fell 6.5% for the day,?to $70.63.
My wife and I still shop there. I'm not driving across town to make a point. My convenience is more important and I literally do not have the time to putz around town for a loaf of bread. Not to mention she won't step foot in the bathroom if there's a man in there. We haven't seen a guy in the rest room yet because the bathrooms are in front of the cash registers. You'd have to be pretty bold and stupid to try that maneuver. If the bathrooms were in the back of the store, then I predict at least five rapes a day would happen back there. Then at least five of the five rapists would possibly be murdered with a trident on the way out of Target. The pervs wouldn't make it to the cop wagon because there would be angry parents bludgeoning them with mannequin legs, kids toys, shanks made of Barbie Doll arms, and bloody frying pans. target transgender bathroom

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