Teacher Arrested for Snorting Drugs in Classroom

A 24-year-old school teacher at an Indiana high school, Samantha Cox, was caught snorting a powder drug in the corner of a classroom. A student not only caught the teacher on video, but promptly reported it to the principal who called local police. Doing drugs in a classroom is usually illegal, so you can only imagine what kind of trouble this teacher must be in.

One of the student-witnesses, Will Rogers, said that he observed Cox in a corner trying to conceal exactly what she was doing with a chair and a textbook.  He said she was putting what looked like cocaine into lines.  Rogers said she was hiding in the corner where she thought nobody would notice her.

Another student, Michael Sanchez, gave his view that what Cox was caught doing is a very serious thing and noted that people can easily get addicted to many things, but that drugs are a whole different level of addiction and the whole incident, to him, was absolutely heart-breaking.

When the police arrived on the scene Cox was immediately taken away in handcuffs in a walk of shame as the student body looked on. Further investigation by police determined the teacher was actually doing a mixture of cocaine and heroin, known colloquially as speedballing. This is a very dangerous mixture of an upper and a downer. 

See the video here:

During the course of the police investigation, drug-sniffing dogs were brought in from neighboring Dyer city and Cox's drugs and paraphernalia were discovered.  She is now facing both felony drug possession and misdemeanor paraphernalia charges and is being held at the local Lake County, IN jail.

Students who got a hold of the damning video shared it on social media and it quickly went viral.  After the incident the school administrators sent out an automatic voice message to all parents letting them know of the incident and to assure them that authorities are dealing with the situation and to re-affirm their commitment to their children's safety at school.

School administration also took the time to praise the quick-acting students for notifying them promptly so they could act.

The video that was uploaded to social media shows a woman using what looks to be cocaine in the corner of a classroom.  While this is believed to be the video shot by one of the students, it can not be immediately authenticated.

Similar incidents to these have been coming to light recently.  A teacher in Oklahoma, Megan Sloan, was arrested after forgetting to log out of her Facebook account, to which inquisitive students probed her messages revealing a shocking heroin addiction and a conspiracy to paw school supplies for her habit.

Only last week a teacher in Maryland, Monica Snee, was busted and charged with possession of drugs with the intent to distribute them. Police are still trying to figure out if it was her intention to sell the drugs to students or other adults.

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