Teacher gets $109k hospital bill slashed to $332


A teacher had a heart attack and was in the hospital. After they were released, they were hit with a bill for $108,951 - an amount that almost no one could afford on their own. But then the teacher got great news when the hospital slashed the bill down to $332.

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This happened after the huge bill caused a big conversation about surprise bills from medical providers. Make no mistake, just walking into a hospital and being seen can cost thousands of dollars, so there really isn't any shock when a hospital bills you. Although, sometimes the amount is a lot more than most people can handle!

The story of Drew Calver was first reported by Kaiser Health News and NPR on Monday as part of the “Bill of the Month” series, which examines U.S. health care prices and the troubles patients run up against in the $3.5 trillion industry. rn
rnIn Calver’s case, the 44-year-old father of two had suffered a heart attack in April 2017 and a neighbor rushed him to the nearest emergency room, which was an out-of-network hospital under his school district health plan. His insurance paid the hospital nearly $56,000 for his four-day hospitalization and procedures to clear his blocked “widow-maker” artery. rn
rnBut the hospital, St. David’s Medical Center in Austin, wasn’t satisfied with that amount and went after the high school history teacher and swim coach for an additional $109,000 in a practice known as “balance billing.”

Talk about getting lucky! Hospital bills are very high at times, so it makes sense for hospitals to make them more affordable. However, we cannot lower the quality of care that hospitals provide, so we must find a way to make sure people can afford their bills while the hospitals are still able to provide the best care possible.