Teacher on Leave for Funny Sex Quiz

A teacher from Roy High School in Utah was put on leave for giving high school students a very controversial quiz that asks about their relationships and sexual history. The teacher, Candace Thurgood, was teaching a class called "Adult Roles" and the quiz was called "Know Thyself." It had some questions that might have been worth asking in a theater filled with women watching 50 Shades of Gray, but keep in mind - these are high school students getting ready for college, not middle aged women getting ready for a night alone with cats.

The teacher had a statement on the item that informed parents and students that the survey wasn't actually written by her, but that it was an example of something used years ago, but not anymore - kind of like condoms. You stop using them when you're dating someone for more than 12 minutes. Hold hands once and no more stopping at CVS!

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Many students have defended the teacher, who was a woman, so this wasn't some old creepy guy making advances or hiding pictures in his basement. It was a legit teacher giving good lessons on adulthood and making sure these folks go off into the world well prepared and knowledgeable about personal behaviors and actions that they should probably keep to themselves until their of legal age.

There was literally no harm and no foul committed. The teacher simply showed students something that most kids probably thought was hilarious. Even I'm laughing at it, although I'm still sad that a few of these weren't completed. My wife and I will have to print this out and get busy this weekend. Can't let these youngsters out-dog me.

Regardless, some parents were upset about it and complained. It was probably parents who stopped touching each other once they were married. Happy parents with working brains wouldn't care about this. They would read the notification on top of the survey and comprehend the fact that it's not a big deal. Kids are French kissing in grade school, so if you're a junior or senior in high school reading this for the first time, then you're acting all cool like "yeah, did that in 6th grade" as you high five your pals.

What parents need to know is that showing this to students, whom most of them have completed most of these tasks anyway, is not a big deal. If you're a parent living in the stone age and think your high school student isn't slopping face with multiple people on a weekend, then get off your high horse and get to know your kids a little better.

Better yet, get to know thyself.

Here's a few of the questions

1 Ever gone out with a member of the opposite sex? Yes, I married her too.

2 Ever been kissed? Once, when we got married, then that was it. No more kisses. (I kid, I kid)

3 Ever been French-kissed? Not by a French person. Why is it called French kiss? I call it slopping face.

4 Ever been kissed while in a reclining position? Yes, then I asked the dentist to stop.

5 Ever gotten or given a hickey? Not on purpose, but a Hoover vacuum is great at it.

6 Ever been kissed against your will? Only in the confessional of a Catholic church.

7 Ever parked for more than an hour? Yeah, kids. It's called rush hour and it sucks.

8 Ever taken off most of your clothes while parking? Not WHILE parking, but once I've parked, then no. Probably took off most of my wife's clothes though. Wink wink.

9 Ever said, "I love you"? Yes. The first time I laid eyes on a slice of pepperoni pizza, I was done. Over it. Couldn't believe my eyes. Love at first sight.

10 Ever said "I love you" to more than one person in the same week? One person is enough. If you're saying it to two people, then you're that promiscuous person everyone wants a night with, but not a kid with.


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