Donna Hoagland is a teacher at Marsh Pointe Elementary in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and she has made an invaluable contribution that has changed the life of her student and his family. When parents send their kids to school, it’s with an understanding that there’s someone at the institution who’ll look out for their kids academic, extra-curricular and psychological growth. Many teachers go above and beyond their duty, but this is above and beyond anything else.

Troy Volk, was just a typical fourth-grader. Then Donna started noticing that he was “shut down at times.” She suspected that something might be wrong at home, so she decided to talk to Troy’s mother, Anahita.

"She suspected there was something going on, so she asked me if anything had changed at homes," said Anahita. Apparently, Anahita was going through stage 5 kidney failure at the time. She would be in severe pain most of the time and chances of finding a donor were slim since she had a rare blood type.

At stage 5, the kidney has lost the ability to function normally and needs dialysis or transplant for the patient to live. It’s an end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and is one of the most chronic kidney diseases. Mostly caused by Diabetes, high blood pressure is also one of the standard culprits for ESRD.

When Troy was informed by his parents, regarding his mother’s condition, he started fearing that his mom might not ever get a kidney. Despite putting up a brave front, the fourth grader had been gradually affected by the conditions on the home front.

Donna felt for Troy. She said, "to think what he must go through seeing his mom being sick all the time; it's not fair."

To find some sort of help for the Troy and Anahita, Donna stumbled across a vital piece of information. It turns out, she’s the same blood type as Anahita. She spent months researching the process and understanding how she could become a kidney donor. After pulling out all the necessary information, she approached Anahita.

When Donna approached Anahita, she was completely taken by surprise. "I'm like, 'what are you talking about?' She turns around, and she's like, 'we're a match,'" Anahita said. People couldn't believe what was happening.

The transplant took place over Christmas and now the donor, the recipient and the boy who remains the pivot of these women, are thankful and happy for the miracle that transformed everybody’s life. Just like Troy said, "The one thing I love about my mom's kidney transplant … is that we all get a gift. The same gift – it's not a gift that can be wrapped in a present. It's like a miracle. A perfect match is a miracle."

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