Teachers blame Democrat Mayor for spreading it, says there is 'Blood on their hands'

Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio is busy blasting Trump, but his own residents are throwing him under the bus for being a failure. That's right! Teachers in New York City are blaming Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio and schools Chancellor Richard Carranza because they failed to close schools a lot faster.

For reference, New Jersey closed schools as of March 18. Philly closed schools on March 16, two days smarter than all of New Jersey. New York appears to have closed all statewide schools as of March 16 as well. However, the big difference with New York is the much higher population in NYC and how fast and dramatic this could spread in such a condensed area with a dense population.

NYC teachers started reaching out to their union leaders after testing positive for the COVID-19 and that's the point they wanted the schools shut down. In fact, at least five teachers had tested positive, so there's obviously a chance that a lot of students were in proximity or contact enough to catch this, so the schools absolutely, of all places, should've been closed sooner.

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Nate Bonbeimer is a union chapter leader in New York. He had teachers calling him to say they were diagnosed, but the schools were still open.

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Just to show you the numbers, "the city Department of Education still ordered the 6,000-student school’s 350 staffers to show up for work last week, saying the building had been cleaned.

“The DOE did not close the school for any of the cases,” said Bonheimer, who worries that inaction exposed others to the dreaded infection" stated the NY Post in their exclusive article.

Want to know what makes that even worse? Mayor de Blasio didn't listen to the directive, stated on March 9, that requires a school to be closed that "requires an initial 24-hour closure, in order to begin an investigation to determine the contacts that the individual may have had within the school environment," as stated right here.

The DOE didn't notify close contacts or let anyone else know that they could be exposed, said Bonheimer. That type of information could have gotten people to be more careful, but now they could have already been exposed and NYC already has over 15,000 cases.

NYC residents were so ashamed of what their leaders did, they even started referring to the coronavirus as the “Carranzavirus.”

And now this bit from Susan Edelman of the NY Post will really haunt you:

“You say equity and excellence, but every other school district closed before you did. You had these kids like petri dishes spreading this to their families,” an administrator fumed.

Some DOE employees believe de Blasio and Carranza deliberately kept the lid on the COVID-19 cases popping up, putting kids and families at risk.

“The blood is on their hands,” one said

DOE staffers think the two city leaders tried to cover up the cases because they wanted to keep the 1.1-million-student system running despite increasing pressure to shut it down. Finally, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo about to do it, the mayor relented and closed the schools for students on March 16. They will remain shut until at least April 20, after the spring break.

To be fair, it's unclear if every other school district closed before they did - some school districts may have closed later, but they also probably did not have five teachers infected and thousands more at risk. Each city is affected differently, so it's important we clarify that the administrator quote is probably referring to their local area, not the entire country.

But the point remains spot on.

Keep in mind, this is the same Democrat mayor who was running off to the gym while Governor Cuomo was shutting down the state.

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