Swimming in a Coca Cola Pool

19 million views later and I finally see that video of the TechRax guys swimming in a Coca Cola pool. Seems like they spent a nice chunk of change on enough soda to fill the pool with the bubbly stuff. coca cola pool The pool is about 1,500 gallons, but it's not filled all the way, and that's OK. There's enough drinks in that Coca Cola pool that we get the point. Not that there is a point to this video other than doing it for fun. Which is fine. I wonder if his body absorbed the caffeine and how many days he was awake. I bet the inside of his ears was quite waxy after this. Surprised the guy didn't dissolve. The Coca Cola pool also had ice, Mentos, a few drops of Pepsi, and a drone.

Who is TechRax?

A YouTube guy who likes electronics and gaming. Can often be found wrecking things other kids can't afford. Lots of comments call him a spoiled brat. Many commenters don't realize that the YouTube videos can generate an income, so the money used to buy things and break them is usually made back. Except, not everyone knows that. They assume it's a rich kid breaking things. However, TechRax earns the money through his videos. The cash doesn't grow on a money tree or come from sipping from his parents teets. Swimming in the Coca Cola pool is one of many fun videos they've made. See more at the TechRax YouTube page or follow them on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/techrax/

Posted on June 29, 2016 in Viral