Ted Cruz destroys Deadspin - Wins Tweet of the Year 2017

Deadspin writer Ashley Feinberg penned an article on DeadSpin requesting proof of Ted Cruz playing basketball.

Ted posted a picture of Grayson Allen Duke's basketball team, because he looks exactly like a young Ted Cruz. Deadspin replied. Ted posted a meme. Internet goes nuts. Ted wins 2017 Tweet of the Year Award.


Good job Ted for keeping that joke going. Grayson Allen certainly looks like a legit teenage Ted.

Here's the screenshots so you don't have to unravel it on Twitter. Very unexpected, funny, and a good exchange between them before Twitter blew it up like Madonna at the White House...or 50 million Hillary voters who she owes favors too. Uggggh.

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You know how the rest goes. Nine bazillion people tell Ashley Feinberg and DeadSpin they got owned. A few people defend them with something that makes no sense. Tomorrow everyone forgets because the entire planet has ADD and we're constantly looking for the next shiny thing to stare at and get "likes" on.

Ashley Feinberg is graceful about it. She's not hiding behind a locked Twitter account like weak people would do.

It's Ted Cruz. If he owns you or you own him, it's equally fun and hilarious.

Ashley isn't like the hacky SNL girl, Katie Rich, who picks on ten-year-old boys she secretly wants to bang.

Regardless of your political views, this was a quick explosive exchange and it's hilarious to see Ted Cruz shoot a Will Ferrell meme as a reaction.

Here's Twitter accounts you can follow. The two in bold are the better of the four.

Ashley Feinberg Ted Cruz DeadSpin Frank Lea

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