Senator Ted Cruz's Twitter account "liked" a video of adult content late Monday night, but was deleted a few hours later when users discovered the supposed gaffe.  Cruz said that he had not "liked" the video but it must have been one of his staff, of which he said many have access to his social media accounts.  He continued that someone apparently inadvertently pressed the "Like" button on the video.  This begs the question; why is nobody freaking out that a member of Cruz's staff surfs for that particular content, let alone while logged in as the Senator?

Cruz would not name the alleged mystery staffer involved nor would he comment on how they will be disciplined.  One course of action can be sure, they no longer have access to the senator's social media accounts.

When word of the incident spread around social media, the mockery cam pouring in. 

One commenter quipped that to be fair to the senator, every photo he has ever taken he has a look on his face like he just got caught in the act of self pleasure.

The wittiest tweet about this sticky situation that I've seen says, "To be fair to Ted Cruz, he does run his Twitter account single-handedly"

Zach Braff, the young doctor we have all seen in "Scrubs" even started a poll in expectation of what Cruz's excuse would be that included, "rogue intern", "I was hacked", "I have sinned" and "Devil grabbed my phone.

Cruz, who has over 3 million Twitter followers, tried to put a humorous spin on the incident by saying waking up to this scandal was not how he envisioned his morning going.  He then said that had he known how big something like this can go viral and reach eyeballs, he could have posted something similar during his failed election campaign primaries.

A college roommate, Craig Maizin, who shared a bunkbed with Cruz at Princeton said that the fact that Ted Cruz pleasures himself to mediocre adult content is the most human thing we can say about the man.  He went on to torture our mind's eyes with asking us to imagine Ted Cruz doing this four feet below you in a bottom bunk bed. Yes, he went there, all the way!

In yet more irony, Cruz voted in favor of a Republican stance that describes adult content as a public health cricis and prides himself as being a champion for family values.

In 2016 Cruz's campaign lambasted Senator Marco Rubio after he used an ad where the actress in it turned out to be Amy Lindsay.

The owner of the account that originally posted the now-controversial video said that they were trying to make the best of all the attention by adding a banner to their account boasting, "Follow for the same porn that @TedCruz watches."

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