Teen Claims She had 50 Surgeries to Look Like Angelina Jolie

A 19-year-old Iranian girl, Sahar Tabar, has claimed she's gotten 50 surgeries to look like her favorite celebrity, Angelina Jolie. Her pictures have gone viral and social media has exploded with every comment you can imagine. There's a catch though - her surgeries were reported to have all been within a few months, but sources have been unable to prove the claims. 

The Sun reports that while Sahar Tabar claims she's received the medical procedures, that the look of her face could be accomplished with makeup and prosthetics. People are still trying to find more concrete evidence of her receiving the procedures. She has over 300,000 followers on Instagram, so perhaps her followers know more information and can report if she did, or did not, get 50 surgeries. I hope this is all a prank and she does not look like that.

Social media hasn't been so nice. They're referenced her as a zombie from The Walking Dead among other random weird suggestions for what she really looks like.

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She doesn't look like the Tomb Raider, she looks like the product of a raided tomb.

You can see more of her at her Instagram page.

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