Teen Drives Car Into Fresh Concrete And Faces $10K Bill

A 19-year-old named Shadrach Yasiah drove his car into freshly laid cement on a road in Nebraska.  Traffic engineer Thomas Shafer said that the cement had only been laid for about 30 minutes before the car was driven into it.

The concrete was still wet and the car slowly sank up to the axels. and took around two hours to be removed. This caused significant damage to the car and the fresh concrete  became a hot mess.

Based on the report, it seems like the driver thought the cones were spaced out fairly far. He may have thought that it was so drivers could pass through them.  The cement also looked dry, so he possibly thought there was no reason to avoid the concrete. Turns out that wasn't what happened!


Shadrach faces a $10,000 bill for damages for his epic fail. He will speak with his insurance company regarding damages to his vehicle.

A teenage motorist who got stuck after driving into freshly poured cement on a Nebraska road this week is also getting stuck with a $10,000 bill for the damage.


It took two hours to free the vehicle, a blue Honda Civic, after Wednesday’s mishap, Fox 42 Omaha reports.

“It was probably less than 30 minutes old when they went into it,” traffic engineer Thomas Shafer told the station. “It was really not set up in any manner or fashion for a vehicle and they sunk up to the axles in it.”

Do you believe that Shadrach should have to pay $10,000 in damages for driving his car into the cement? 

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This accident may not be entirely the responsibility of the driver, but possibly just the fault of the driver but also those who were working on the road. The cones should have been placed closer together to prevent anyone from driving through. Even a sign suggesting there was wet cement may have been sufficient to notify motorists of a potential problem if they continued driving on the road.

Should the cone people be partially responsible for placing the cones too far apart? Is $10,000 really an accurate number for a bill for repairs to cement? How did the traffic engineer calculate that the repairs for fixing cement would cost $10,000? Does fresh cement cost that much? I suppose that includes removal of the messed up concrete. 

What do you think?

Here's a scene from the movie Falling Down. Kinda makes me think of that one part where he asks what's wrong with the street.


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