100 teens form violent flash mob and terrorize Philly

Philadelphia teens make a mess of themselves by participating in a flash mob. It's reported that over 100 unorganized teens caused disasters in the Center City area of Philadelphia. They were fighting, running in the streets, and acting like maniacs.

I wonder how many graduate high school.


PHILADELPHIA (CBS)— At least 30 people were arrested after a flash mob of more than 100 teenagers wreaked havoc in Center City Philadelphia Monday evening.

Police say the group gathered in the area of 15th and Market Streets around 5:30 p.m., and began fighting and running in and out of traffic with no regard for others.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross says 20 people were cited for disorderly conduct, while a few others may face more serious charges after several people were violently attacked.


“They were actually beaten, maced and claim to have even been tased,” said Ross. “We know they were assaulted for sure. We had four people, we do not know if charges will be approved on those four. So we’re trying to wait to see, but the whole thing is just idiotic.”

Kenneth Ensigm was sitting in his truck doing paperwork when he saw the rush of people, some jumping on a taxi.

If the commissioner is talking about the teens being maced, beaten, and tasered - then good. They deserved it. If you're out in a pack of 100 and you're terrorizing traffic, FIGHTING people for no reason, and causing public disturbances with violence - then the police have every right to use their force to tame you.

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That's called justice.

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