Teen girl forced to shake her bra and show Boss what's under it

We all know that sometimes you can get an employer who is not as trustworthy as you first thought and they will try their hand at stealing, the problem with that is finding out who has been stealing and even proving it if they don't get caught red handed.

This seemed to be the case with Naomi Scott when she was asked to shake out her bra in front of customers to prove she had not been stealing from the store she was working at which was Poundland.

Understandably this left Naomi feeling embarrassed and humiliated and resulted in her quitting her job.

17-yr-old Naomi Scott quit her job after being subjected a search she felt was invasive and left her humiliated. The British teenager had worked at a discount store called Poundland for almost a year before she was accused of theft by her boss. It turns out that the store performs a thorough search of all workers suspected of stealing.

“We’ve always had bag searches and pocket searches. But all of a sudden, last Thursday, they came up with the idea of a bra search,” Scott told the Daily Mail. “One of my supervisors, a female, came up to us when we were on the till and said ‘we need to do a bra search”.”

This bizarre newfangled idea forced the female workers to shake out their bras during the humiliating search right in front of customers.

I understand that some people do steal not everyone does and to subject someone to this kind of search in front of customers who are complete strangers is the worst thing any woman would want to go through.

I firmly believe that if you believe someone has been stealing from a store that they work at then it should be dealt with better than this was handled, taking the employer into the back of the store would have been a better option than having her stand and be confronted and searched in front of customers.

Lets hope that Poundland are investigated for this and things are made to change for the better when it comes to doing any kind of search, after all a bra search is invasion of privacy and it really should have never happened in the first place unless they had grounds to truly believe she had  been stealing.

If you thought an employee was stealing, then would you do this to her in front of customers or would you do this behind closed doors with a witness?

If you do it in front of people, then you have a witness, but it's also embarrassing to the person. If you do it behind closed doors, then the person can try to say something else happened, even if it didn't.

Always get a witness and don't steal, that's the moral of the story.

That Boss must feel really stupid now that he's embarrassed a teen girl and have went viral for his irresponsible and horrifying actions.

Of course, there will be people who comment "I bet she wasn't embarrassed if she was skinny dipping in the neighbors pool" because she might be a young and wild teen, but there's simply no reason to assume that she would ever do something like that.

Some teens do, some teens don't.

The bottom line - the Boss was wrong and looked like a fool!

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