Teen girl raped and burnt alive, but mainstream media ignores it

Jessica Chambers was raped and burned alive in her car in Courtland, Mississippi, by a gang of 17 black men. She was rushed to hospital after medical personnel had made attempts to save her but she passed away at hospital with burns to 98% of her body.

This story barely touched the surface of the mainstream media and people keep asking why such a horrible crime was not a nationwide story?

Why did the mainstream media glance at this story like it wasn't a big deal? If it had of been 17 white men raping and murdering a young black woman, then would we have heard about it instantly and witnessed riots?

It has taken over two years to finally get a trial and hopefully get justice for Jessica Chambers.

Jessica's Father Ben, and her step-mother Debbie Chambers, were coming back from shopping on that day when an ambulance went flying past them. That same ambulance was rushing to attend an incident involving their daughter Jessica, but the parents had no idea.

Her Father has not been able to celebrate Christmas the way he used to, even refusing to go shopping during the holiday season, because times have been so mentally anguished for him that it's unbearable.

Her Father relives that fateful day over and over, but has said that some days are more bearable than others. Other days it's like he is going through it all over again.

PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. -- The FBI spent the morning rounding up suspected gang members.

There is a total of 17 people facing charges under Operation Bite Back.

"The charges range from drug, weapon, child endangerment, counterfeiting, et cetera, so it's a variety of charges," said Special Agent in Charge for the State of Mississippi Donald Alway.

The Jessica Chambers murder investigation tipped off investigators to gang issues in Panola County. A year-long investigation into gangs led to Operation Bite Back.

She was 19 years old and still had a life ahead of her, but that was cruelly taken away from her by a gang of 17 rapist murderers. Mainstream media did not report it heavily and I truly believe they did not report on it for fear of being called racist. The problem with the media nowadays is that they are so afraid of upsetting another race or culture that they pick and choose what they should and should not report.

This story was seemingly brushed aside and the only reason you would know anything about it, is if you stumbled upon it accidentally while browsing the Internet.

Jessica Chambers deserved better. A story like this deserves to be made into a big deal because it's so horrendous and people need to know what kind of scum the criminals are.

Family and friends were stumped as to why anyone would want to kill the bubbly teen.

“She was really easy to get along with,” Jessica’s friend Leslie Hall previously told PEOPLE. “She was funny. She was really smart.”

Some people who knew Jessica said she had been hanging out with a rough crowd before her death, and they wondered at a possible connection. Hall said Jessica went through a rough patch before her death, but she was pulling through it: “Jessica said in October [2014] she was going to church and everything was falling into place for her.”

“She did nothing that was bad to get herself burnt alive,” ex-boyfriend Bryan Rudd told PEOPLE.

People who knew Jessica had reported that the teen had been hanging out with a rough crowd, but was getting back on her feet, going to church, and sorting her life out. Her ex-boyfriend said that she had done nothing to deserve being burnt alive.

Jessica’s case frightened everyone in her tiny town of just 500 and made neighbors and friends suspicious of one another. A $54,000 reward was offered for information leading to an arrest in the case and more than 155,000 Facebook users “liked” the Justice for Jessica page.

“When you have a homicide in a small community, we generally quickly have an idea who did it,” District Attorney John Champion told PEOPLE at the time.

Police meticulously traced Jessica’s last day, including the hour between her leaving town and being found near her burning white 2005 Kia Rio, stumbling blindly along a road. But for more than a year, no suspects emerged.

This case frightened the 500 people living in her small town which lead to many people no longer trusting one another. People became suspicious of one another during the investigation and times were very awkward for some. This is a small community people do know who raped and killed Jessica, but no suspects emerged for more than a year.

No woman deserves to be raped and burned alive, let alone forgotten by the mainstream media because of the fear of being called racist. It's not the color of the skin, but the actions we judge people by. Horrible crimes should be covered no matter what.