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Teen planned to shoot up school, but Mom turned him in

A 17-year-old boy was arrested after being turned in by his mother due to his plan to shoot up his school. 


Nicole, the 17-year-old's mother who did not give her last name, spoke about it in an interview with CBS. The mother turned her son in, as she knew the people who actually go to College Place High School. It was devastating for her to know that her son wanted to do such a thing and so before he can do anything, she turned him in. 


Nicole found out about it when she found and read her son's journal. A specific entry caught her eyes, that being the entry for April 20, 2020. April 20, 2020 is the anniversary of Columbine. To her horror, she found her son's plan. In a chilling detailed entry, her son planned to detonate pipe bombs and use multiple firearms which he said will "blast anyone in sight" and "execute survivors." 


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Her son said that the entry was only a creative writing story, a figment of his imagination. She knew it was not true and so she did what she had to do. When Nicole was asked how it felt to turn her own son in to the police, Nicole said it felt like she did something wrong. 


The police say otherwise. Troy Tomaras, College Place Police Chief, said that "She's very courageous. It's clearly very emotional for her. She loves her son." He also spoke about the 17-year-old's entry, deeming it beyond creative writing and beyond normal. 


Nicole claims that her son is battling depression and believes he needs help. She admits that he is safer in jail than in school and understands that the truth hurts sometimes. It was no easy feat for her and Tomaras praised her for her actions saved countless of lives. The students, teachers and staff of College Place also thanked Nicole for her courageous actions that ensured they will be safe. 

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