Julien Rodriguez, 16, just did a really disrespectful thing during a police officers funeral procession in New York. He repeatedly blasted NWA’s  "F- -k Tha Police" song so that everyone could hear it during the funeral for Police Officer Miosotis Familia.

Famiilia was shot while parked on the side of the street by Alexander Bonds. and this was one last time to honor the fallen officer.

As the funeral procession went around the corner from his apartment on East 188th street, he started blasting the profanity laced song directed towards police.

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His excuse for doing this is that his best friend and older brother had been shot by the police. Rodriguez claimed the police showed no respect for them, so why should he show respect for the police.

16-year-old Julien Rodriguez had the perfect vantage point to witness the funeral procession leaving the Paradise Theater in the Bronx on Tuesday for slain officer Miosotis Familia. His apartment was barely around the corner on 188 St. and he had a bone to pick with the #BlueLivesMatter activists, cops and mourners packing the streets.

Rodriguez did what any angsty teen wanting to send a message could do in a situation like this: He fired up his sound system, selected NWA’s “F**k tha Police” and put that track on repeat until the wheels fell off. Or, at least, until 20 police officers showed up to his door demanding he cut the sh*t.

But Rodriguez wouldn’t let the music die, telling the New York Post that his older brother and best friend were both fatally shot by cops. “Since they did not show respect for my brother and my friend, why should I show respect to them?” he said.

The Post couldn’t find death records for either Rodriguez’s brother or his friend, and the teen even admitted that he felt bad about Familia’s death. The detective was gunned down while sitting in a police command vehicle in Fordham Heights on July 5.

Up to 20 police officers confronted Rodriguez at his apartment in hopes he would turn the music off so the funeral guests could mourn the loss of their loved one in peace.

Julien Rodriguez eventually showed remorse for the loss of Miosotis Familia and said that she did not deserve being murdered as she did not do anything wrong and she was only trying to remove bad people from the streets.

He also explained that his brother and best friend died for no reason too, but he was upset that the police did not show sympathy for them.

Rodriguez finally apologized to the police but they believe that was only done because the building superintendent said it was either an apology or his family could lose their home.

It's fully understandable for Rodriguez to be upset about the loss of his best friend and older brother, especially if they were killed for no reason just like this police officer was, but there is no reason to disrupt a funeral for someone else just because you're upset about an unrelated crime.

Was there really any need to be disrespectful to this one police officer though? Did she kill his brother and best friend or was she the only one that never showed any sympathy after they were killed? Probably not.

Rodriguez was out of order and should have probably have dealt with his anger in a different way.

There is always a time and a place to vent your anger and this was definitely not the time or place.

How would he feel if someone played an inappropriate song during his older brother or best friends funeral? I imagine he would be mortified and angry and this would have been all over the media.

One day this guy may need the police and thankfully they'll still answer his call. But we should all remember that respect works in both ways. We need to give it in order to receive it.

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