2 teens investigated for video of LGBTQ Pride flag burning, 'potentially a hate crime'

Two boys from Kearn High football team got suspended for the video that they allegedly posted online on Snapchat. On the video, one of them burned LGBTQ Pride flag while laughing and yelling "all gays die."

The video that was posted to Snapchat quickly sparked outrage online and got the boys suspended. One of them is an incoming freshman, the other one older and already a student at the school.


They received harsh punishment, as their suspension is "indefinite." The video has been considered cyber bullying and a violation of school rules.

Matt Rickards, the football team's head coach clearly stated: "We have one rule in our program, and that is not to embarrass yourself, your family or your team. That rule was broken. There’s got to be consequences for that."

Rickards has been a team's coach for seven years. As he says, his principles were always to improve the grades of the kids, learn how to be useful for their communities and never allow the acts of bullying.

Granite School District officials felt ashamed for their students' act so much, that they asked LGBTQ community for help in organizing future empathy exercises and some other potential educational possibilities. They also consider a punishment of community service for the two boys that made and posted the video.

Ben Horsley, a district's spokesman resumes it: "Whether it was done intentionally with a threat in mind or for humor's sake, it's inappropriate. And we're going to address it in a very serious fashion."

He also added, that their goal is to "condemn hatred and bigotry" wherever they see it, and it doesn't matter if the video was "intended as a joke" by the boys that made and posted it.