Teens pull 'Coronavirus' prank on subway, sending people scattering

Two teenagers dressed up in biohazard warfare looking suits were pretending to carry some coronavirus on a New York subway. They spilled it. People moved out of the way. No one was actually hurt and it was all fake.

Sure it's just a prank, but this was an epic fail. While 1,100+ people have just passed away from the coronavirus, we got these two acting like they're scientists carrying the COVID-19 and dropping it in public.

“I hope that’s Kool-Aid,” one passenger on the L train in Brooklyn correctly guessed — while another asked, “Is that coronavirus?”


The teens both gave thumbs-up signals while telling straphangers they were “good” — soon eliciting screams as they removed the lid of the box plastered with “WARNING” stickers.

They then pretended to fall to the floor, spilling the liquid that quickly spread down the subway carriage.

“Oh s–t!” someone shouted, while others could be heard screaming as most commuters ran away from the spill, some jumping on seats to avoid the spreading liquid in the Jan. 31 hoax.


“It’s a prank! It’s a prank!” the teens quickly reassured the screaming straphangers who feared the virus that has killed 1,113 and sickened more than 44,000 around the world. (NY Post)

From a personal perspective, none of this looked real.

I don't think two guys carrying coronavirus in these suits would be on a subway to begin with.

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