Aleira Avendaño has put her body through hell to achieve the look she feels makes her 'truly beautiful'.

Aleira has gone through more than 20 rounds of surgery and also wore a corset for around 7 years to achieve the 20-inch waist that she has today.

She had four breast enlargements. Her first was at the age of 19. She also had two nose jobs.

In addition to her nose jobs and her breast enlargements, she also had biopolymer buttock implants, a forehead lift to achieve the arched eye brow look she has, neck elongation, liposuction and removal of her real teeth so they could be replaced with dentures for that perfect smile.

A Venezuelan model who has put her body through hell in search of perfection has said all women should follow in her footsteps if they want to be 'truly beautiful'. 

Aleira Avendaño not only wore a corset for seven years to achieve her ideal 20-inch waist, but also underwent more than 20 rounds of surgery, including four separate breast enlargements, two nose jobs and a gastric bypass.

The 26-year-old now boasts enormous breasts, and a massive bottom, but has admitted to MailOnline she would go under the knife again - and says other women should too.

In order to create her look, Aleira underwent the first of her breast enlargements aged 19, followed by the nose jobs and gastric bypass, as well as three rounds of ‘biopolymer’ buttock implants, a forehead-lift to achieve her arched eyebrows, neck elongation, liposuction, and even had her real teeth removed and had dentures put in her mouth to give her the perfect smile.

You can see more pictures below of Aleira with her so called 'perfect body' - if you can call it that.

Aleira is now urging other women to do the same thing she did if they want that 'perfect body' and to be 'truly beautiful'. If you ask me this is nothing more than a woman who had over 20 surgeries to make herself look like a horrible mess. If this is what some people class as 'truly beautiful' then I have to disagree. Beautiful is someone who loves their body and loves themselves for who they are.

Aleira couldn't accept herself for who she was before the surgery and so instead put her body through years of hell to get what she thinks is perfect and now she see's herself as being beautiful. This does not look natural at all, to look at some of her pictures it looks like all her fatty tissue his everywhere but the middle of her body.

It looks so unrealistic and not something that is very nice to look at.

The fact she removed all her real teeth and replaced them with dentures is crazy! There are better ways to achieve that 'perfect smile' without removing your real teeth and replacing them with dentures.

This is not the perfect body. This is a train wreck.

Unfortunately some girls will see this and they may want to achieve this fake looking perfect body. Hopefully people see this and laugh or cringe, because it is truly horrible what this woman has done to herself. I hope no one follows in this woman's footsteps. 

Would you be happy if your daughter or family member put themselves through hell to have the so-called perfect body? What if they did it because someone else, like this woman, said that is how you achieve beauty?

I hope my daughter doesn't ever look up to these type of women. 

Women should love themselves for who they are and they should accept themselves for what they are. Putting themselves through hell like Aleira did may only have had affects as they get older. If you want to look great, then eat healthy and work out. If you want straight teeth, then get braces or some other safe procedure. Getting your teeth removed is crazy!

Can you imagine this woman 10-20 years from now?

What are your thoughts on Aleira's body? Is she a horrible train wreck or is she the perfect woman?

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