President Trump declared the U.S. would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Now ten more countries are considering moving their embassy in Jerusalem. For example, Guatemala has declared they will move their embassy back to Jerusalem and that's just the start of things.

A brief history of this issue; in July 1980 Israel’s Knesset past the “Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel” The United Nation Security Counsel later that year passed resolution 478 which declared the law null and void. This resolution passed with a 198 to 0 vote with the U.S. abstaining from the vote. A similar resolution was passed in December of 2017 condemning the U.S.’s decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem. In accordance with the US Law passed in 1980 recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Every president since Bill Clinton has had some statement in their campaigns about moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, but Trump is the one to finally do it.

In 1980 a law was passed declaring Jerusalem the Capitol of Israel. President Trump’s decision should not come as a surprise to anyone. He also made campaign promises to move the embassy to Jerusalem. As President, he is keeping another of his promises to Americans.

In 1980 there were 13 embassies in Jerusalem. All were moved to Tel Aviv in accordance with 1980 UNSC Resolution 478. The last embassy moved in 2006.  Moving an embassy is often a problematic procedure.  They require special considerations for security and privacy of the staff.

This week Guatemala decide to move its embassy back to Jerusalem. Guatemala maintained an embassy in Jerusalem from the 1950’s until 1980 when it bowed to international pressure to move its embassy to Tel Aviv.

The Times of Israel reported that Guatemala and nine other countries had started talks to establish embassies in Jerusalem. The new agency declined to list the countries. Channel 10 reported that Honduras was most likely to be the next country to announce it will be relocating its embassy. Israel and Honduras have enjoyed close relations over the past few years. Guatemala and Honduras were two of the countries to vote no on the resolution condemning the US.

Romania and Slovakia have expressed support for a move to Jerusalem. Representatives of both governments are working to make a move happen.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu read the announcement from Guatemala’s President Morales, to the Likud Mks and reporters and said: “I repeat: There will be more, this is just the beginning.” And with favorable sentiments towards the Israeli state due in part to the rise of Islamic militants throughout the globe. Russia and the Czech republics have taken a half step in recognizing West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

There will undoubtedly be more announcements in the coming weeks of embassy moves to Jerusalem

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Source: dailywire, breitbart, timesofisrael