Texas principal resigns then kills himself in school parking lot

A Texas principal shot himself while sitting in his truck at the Kirbyville High School parking lot soon after he resigned.

Dennis Reeves, 45, stepped out of a meeting, got into his truck, then shot himself with a .380 caliber. The engine of the truck was still on when the cops found him. The truck was in reverse and his foot on the brake.

A Texas principal stepped outside of a meeting Tuesday afternoon and shot himself to death, officials said.


Kirbyville High School Principal Dennis Reeves, 45, met with administrators Tuesday afternoon to submit his resignation from the position, according to news station KTRE.

After the meeting, Reeves reportedly walked to his pickup truck in the school parking lot where he shot himself with a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol.

His family told the police that Reeves did not have reason to commit suicide. Reeves was a very beloved personality of the school. His suicide very shocking news for the students, coworkers,friends, and family.  He was the kind of person who had an impact on people's lives and supported the students whenever they needed him the most.


“It’s kind of a shock to everyone,” he said. “Everybody loved Dennis. He was a great guy. It seemed like in recent years he was like citizen of the year in Kirbyville. The kids loved him, and his teachers loved him, too.”

“He impacted a lot of people,” Nicholas Nickle told the station.

Police have not made a final statement to declare this sad incident as a suicide. There was no apparent reason for him to take such a disastrous step, but they are investigating the case as a suicide for now. The cops will search for a motive or signs and reasons that he did this to himself.

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There could be a lot of reasons for him to commit suicide. Maybe personal reasons that he never shared with anyone. There is a possibility of having a financial crisis which itself is a reason for a lot of people to commit suicide. It can also be a case of deceit or emotional trauma that he was going through, that no one knew about. It is hard to figure out what he was feeling at the time.

People will want to know why a principal and man in good standing, that we know of, would commit suicide. The case will be taken to further investigations to reveal the truth of the incident. This is heartbreaking for most of the people that ever interacted with Reeves. 

Reeves will be remembered by most of his students and residents as a good man. This was horrible news for people in the area to experience and we pass well wishes to the friends and family of those suffering from the loss.

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