Texas school let this convicted male prostitute drag queen read to kids

We are in very strange times when we have elementary schools allowing a convicted male prostitute drag queen to host a story hour in front of children. It all happened at the Blackshear Fine Arts Academy in Austin, TX, where they allowed "Miss Kitty Litter ATX" to come in and read some stories.

Not only is the name "Miss Kitty Litter ATX" very odd, but the guy is a convicted criminal too. I bet that makes parents feel really good about what's going on in that school over in Austin, Texas!

This story comes from Tony Perkins who posted about it on FRC.org, a site called Family Research Council.

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Perkins suggests that the school district knew the litter box drag queen prostitute was a convicted criminal too, which makes the situation even more bizarre. If you're familiar with how most schools work, they usually require some sort of vetting process in hopes to avoid situations like this - you know, like not letting convicted male prostitutes near your kids.

Except, it seems to have been overlooked or slippped up on this time. I would think having some dude in a dress who calls himself "Miss Kitty Litter ATX" and looks like THAT walking into my school would be enough reason for me to say "no thanks, get out." Makes you wonder what sort of thing their principal is into.

Perkins wrote the following about the creep:

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That's the most astonishing revelation from the open records request that Texas Values filed. Thanks to internal communications between Miss Kitty Litter (real name David Robinson) and the school librarian Roger Grape, moms and dads now know that not only did Blackshear expose their children to this wild and deviant ideology but to a felon too! In texts to Grape, David admitted that he might not pass the school background check. "the guidelines for submission automatically disqualify me if the deferred adjudication for prostitution is considered a conviction... so I don't know if [it's] ethical to submit."

First of all. If you're a drag queen and a convicted male prostitute then you shouldn't even think it's appropriate to be in a school. How about you stay away from our schools and go get yourself some help?

I don't want you near my kids. No thanks. Get some community leaders and people with jobs to look up to in there. Not some dopey looking creep who's running around town doing who knows what for money. Is this guy on drugs or something?

This is no sob story folks, you don't bring these weirdos into your school. Kids have Google now, they can look the guy up and be like "omg, this dude is out there prostituting" and then you need to explain to an 8-year-old what a prostitute is if they didn't Google it already.

I'd rather explain that by letting them watch A.C. Hookers reruns and laughing out loud then let them sit next to one and read a story. No thanks, not for me.

Perkins continued:

So either the school didn't go through with the background check -- or ignored it altogether. Either option is equally distressing. "According to emails sent to parents," Texas Values points out, "the reading event was scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. and all readers had been screened by Austin ISD." No one knows what that screening could've possibly entailed, since an arrest and conviction are the first things a basic search would uncover. Or maybe Austin officials don't see the problem in bringing in a man who sells himself for sex as an acceptable guest speaker. Based on their latest curriculum decisions, which are stunningly pornographic, it wouldn't surprise us.

We need to talk about this.

We all know the Austin school district should be ashamed of itself.

It's not acceptable for any school to let drag queens into the building at all. There is no middle ground here. It's a deviant behavior that's meant for adult entertainment and nothing else. Do you want Stormy Daniels reading books to your kids next? OK, because that's where it's going, and she's not even good at it.  I've seen her videos and she's terrible. I hope she reads better than she does other things.

Either way, it's gross and drag queens should not be in schools or libraries.

Now the next point to make is this - if you're a drag queen, why the heck do you want to be in a school in the first place?

What the heck is wrong with you?

You know it ain't right, so why are you doing it?

We're trying to raise kids to be decent people, not drag queens.

I'm sure drag queens are fine people who love puppies and donate to homeless folks too, but look - it don't work in the school system.

That's just how it is, and if you're a drag queen reading this, then how about you stay in your lane and out of our educational system?

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