Hollis Daniels, a 19-year-old freshman at Texas Tech with a history of minor crimes, fatally shot a university police officer late Monday, September 9th, at the police station where he was taken for crimes related to drugs. Daniels was in the process of being booked for drug related crimes.  He was not handcuffed at the time of the shooting at the stage of processing he was in.  One officer had left the room where Daniels and another officer were in to process some paperwork when he heard a shot ring out.  When he responded to the room he saw the officer with a shot to the head, dead, and no sign of Daniels.  Daniels fled on foot, the University was put on lockdown, and he was subsequently captured near Lubbock Municipal Coliseum.  The campus lockdown was lifted after Daniels was back in police custody.

Reports from police say that after being re-captured, Daniels told officers that he was, in fact, "the guy that shot (their) friend," and he lamented that he realized he had messed up and did something, "illogical."   Daniels has been charged with capital murder of a peace officer and is currently being detained on $5 million bond.

The initial call that promoted officers to respond to Daniel's location was due to someone asking for a welfare status check.  When they turned up at his apartment they found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia.  That's when Daniels was initially detained and brought to the police office for processing and the subsequent incident occurred.

The officer who was killed at the police department was 48-year-old Floyd East.  His watch lasted only 3 years.

At this time it is not know if Daniels had the gun already on him when he was taken to the police office.  Police stated that Daniels is under suicide watch.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement regarding the shooting saying that hearts go out to the family and of the police officer killed and that he had mobilized state law enforcement resources to aid in the investigation.

Hollis Daniels comes from a prominent family in Seguin, Texas.  His father has served multiple terms on the Seguin City Council and owns the local movie theater there as well.

Investigators will continue to look into this incident.  The motive has not been officially established, but from the things we are hearing, it sounds like a simple case of a very bad decision in the heat of the moment.  When the investigation is complete and we know if Daniels took a gun from his residence to the police station, we can then look to other, more premeditated motives.

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