Welfare Lady named Lucy gettin' paid to smoke dope all day - while you work - who da fool now?

This is Lucy. She receives welfare in Texas. She appears to be bragging about it during this radio interview. She wants to know from the readers and listeners why she should get up and go to work when she's getting money for free from the government as she games the system and smokes weed.

This has sparked a good conversation that includes the morality of gaming the system. Lucy asks if someone gave you money to not go to work, then would you take it? Now most people are thinking that they should go to work, and they will probably make more. It seems like Lucy takes quite a bit less to stay home and smoke her dope all day.

Not sure that's the quality of life people should want. I would hope my tax money isn't going to people like Lucy, but unfortunately, I know it is.


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