The Boy Scouts are about to be bankrupt and I couldn't care less

It's Friday and I just read in the Daily Caller that the Boy Scouts of America might have to declare bankruptcy and shut down. My first thought was, THANK GOD!!! There is no other group in America right now who is more embarrassing than the Boy Scouts. The moment they allowed girls into their safe space group should have been the moment every parent pulled their boy out of Boy Scouts. At what point do people put their foot down and tell the world to stop being crazy and stop ruining everything? Now look at them about to be bankrupt. Good riddance.

To be fair, I always thought the Boy Scouts was just a group of people who lack fathers, or parents who send their kids off somewhere because they don't want them at home. What's the point of the Boy Scouts anyway? Are these boys all lacking a father? Or does Dad just not want the kid at home? Or maybe that's not it. Maybe the Boy Scouts are for kids who have deadbeat dads. I know a few guys who are losers who don't take care of their kids at all. Although, I know a LOT more women who are horrible moms, which is just as bad.

If they lack a father, then the Boy Scouts are OK, but other than that, there's no reason to send your kid there in the first place.

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For the kids who do have fathers, maybe those fellas should spend a little more time with their kids instead of sending them off to some creepy guy who is an "adult scout" - which could be the most cringe thing I have ever seen besides a transgender woman who is just a man in his mother's hand me down outfits from Sears.

If I had a son, there's no way he would be a Boy Scout. We would do the activities together because I'm not sending my kid to some other guy dressed up like an 8-year-old. Get outta here with that nonsense.

What 40-year-old dude wakes up in the morning, puts on his cute little scout outfit, and feels good about that?

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To hell with the Boy Scouts of America and all their rotten sex abuse scandals, letting girls in, and overall just being a really stupid club to join in the first place.

I always thought the Boy Scouts was run by a bunch of pedophiles anyway, just like the Catholic church.

No wonder they both try to dress up the boys in little outfits.

Enjoy your safe space in the unemployment line.

We don't need the Boy Scouts anymore, or do we?

If the Boy Scouts can start raising men who don't need safe spaces and kick the girls back to their own club and stop with the sex abuse scandals - then there might be hope. However, this is the reality they're facing and bankruptcy is a real possibility.

Mike Roe was right...

In my opinion, this kind of attrition can only explained by an increasing lack of relevance, or, the perception of irrelevance. Right now, there’s a perception that The Boy Scouts have gone soft. That’s the real tragedy, Sharon, because I can’t think of anything more needed in our country today, than a youth organization that offers kids the same experience I underwent in the basement of Kenwood Church. Why? Because our country’s current obsession with ‘safe spaces’ is destroying character faster than the Boy Scouts of today can build it.

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