The funniest baseball card ever made

Keith Comstock started his baseball career in the late 1970s. While he is not well-known for his sports successes, he is surely known for the other thing - the funniest baseball card ever made, with him pretending to be hit in a crotch with a ball.

In an article posted at ESPN, Comstock recalls his moments as a baseball player. Born in 1955, today he is a rehab pitching coordinator for the Texas Rangers.

Comstock was born in San Francisco. He started his baseball career with California Angels in 1976.  But it's not like his star shone quickly. Nope. He was rather struggling with his career, and it started to be OK just in the last years, in the late 80s. He even recalls how in 1983 he was sold to the Detroit Tigers for "$100 and a bag of balls." And yeah, he also had to deliver the balls, as he says. Today he also recalls as in the 80s, for most career, he was moving with his family and bags in his old Chevy Vega, from club to club.

But in the last years of his career, he decided to do something that made him famous and unforgettable. Tired with "the total lack of creativity" of baseball cards, he decided to pose for a one in a special pose. "I want it to look like a comebacker hit me in the nuts," he said to the photographer.

But the camera guy denied, saying that "he is under strict rules" and can't do it. Finally, Comstock succeeded, by reaching out for help to his teammates. They were supposed to say that they won't sign their cards contracts if Comstock won't get his "special" photo. Soon after taking the photo, it was released in 1989 on a baseball card. Comstock finished his career as a baseball player two years later, in 1991.

These days he is a coach, but the 1989 baseball card made him famous forever.

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