A lot of folks spend their lives dreaming of living by the water, be it a river, lake, or ocean. There’s just something about the waves and the salty breeze that they find comforting (and exciting at the same time).

Yet few are aware of the magical world that exists on the shores of Lake Cumberland, Kentucky. There, those who dare to dream can rent incredible houseboats that make literally living on the water a fabulous reality.

Lee’s Ford Marina is home to a number of beautiful houseboats, which can be rented by guests looking for a few days (or weeks) right on the water.

01-houseboatsLooks pretty cool, huh?


With two spacious floors, these houseboats contain 520 square feet of space.


Take a look at the inside!


Each features a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

05-houseboatsDid we mention the flat-screen HD TV?

06-houseboatsThere are even trendy stainless steel appliances.

08-houseboatsThis looks like a hotel, huh? This is just one of two bathrooms.


Five—yes, five—bedrooms ensure enough space for when your friends and family visit.

11-houseboatsThe décor is also top-notch.

12-houseboatsCozy, huh?

13-houseboats... read more

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