The Internet is really mean and really funny


As you all know, the Internet is a very mean and scary place. It's also absolutely hilarious. Some chick named jef on Twitter posted the following message about an overweight performer. She said, "is there anything she CANT do?" That's when Twitter chimed in and listed what seemed to be 100 things she most likely cannot do.

Everything from flying comfortably in a coach seat on an airplane to seeing her privates, the list went on and it was ruthless.

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Get life insurance

— Kyle Beckley (@Kyle_Beckley) September 26, 2019


Avoid Type 2 Diabetes.

— EducatëdHillbilly™ (@RobProvince) September 26, 2019


A pushup

— Hobo with a Dick in My Hand as Confirmed by AI (@RadicalEdwardz) September 25, 2019


Get into Future’s club

— teedaemx???? (@RedHuxtable) September 25, 2019


lose weight, run, walk for long distances, breathe regularly, fit into regular sized clothes...should i keep going or stop for now

— vibes (@suburbandude5) September 25, 2019


See her privates

— Frank Dogg (@TrendingViews1) September 26, 2019


have a BMI under 30

— Vishal Knight ???? (@vishalw_knight) September 25, 2019


A sit up

— Ass Fag???? (@renishere_) September 25, 2019


Touch her toes

— _yoshisisland_ (@_HunchoJotaro_) September 25, 2019


*See her toes

— ???????? (@cujoknows) September 25, 2019


Lower her cholesterol

— Jhony (@vloneloser) September 25, 2019


walk without creating an earthquake

— ???? p x z i e ???? (@qtpxzie) September 25, 2019


Me, reading the comments: “poor girl, this is so mean”

Also me:

— ???????????????? (@philllosoraptor) September 26, 2019


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