The more I read about Bernie Sanders, the more I think he's a vulture


Bernie Sanders is like the cool old grandpa who has war stories or marching with MLK stories (could be fake). He seems like a grandpa you'd want over for dinner, who compliments everything you do and roots for your teams, unless it's the Dallas Cowboys (booooo) or Lebron James (flop queen with no clutch) and he seems like a genuine fella who really wants to help people...except some of his ideas end up hurting the people who work hard while rewarding the lazy degenerate freebie seeking leeches.

 But then you look at his target audience and the plans he wants to implement and you think "wow, he has a room full of lazy entitled idiots preaching for him like the senseless zombies they are" and "he's about to destroy the middle class, which I'm part of, so this can't happen" and your head swivels frantically as you look for another candidate to endorse.

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Hillary Clinton?

And let's be honest, both HRC and Sanders aren't really that democratic. They support charter schools which hate unions, therefore they're anti union by association. Any teacher who votes for Bernie or Hillary is out of their damn mind and clearly not a free thinker who looks at the bigger picture. I'm in a union too, but I'm not stupid enough to vote democrat JUST because I think I'm supposed to do that. No thanks. If I ever had my own business, I'd let my employees unionize if they wanted, but they wouldn't need to because I wouldn't treat them like the brown swirly emoji unless they acted that way. I may sound like I don't support my union because I won't vote for who the leader (who is a troll) endorses (because they get a career boost out of it while we get nothing) - but I care about me and I'm smart enough to look past the fake endorsements and see what's actually good for this country and my middle class - and this time around (as well as the last two elections), it sure isn't voting for a democrat.

Let's dive into the world of Bernie Sanders and if you're still voting for him after reading this, that's fine, and I'll respect your opinion while disagreeing with you for making bad choices. It's OK, everyone makes mistakes.

Bernie Sanders and the Minimum Wage increase?

Have you seen Bernie's interest in raising the minimum wage? He wants to raise it because no one working 40 hours a week should live in poverty. I agree with that. However, does that mean raise the minimum wage straight to $15. No, that's too drastic of a change too quick with no time for businesses to properly adjust. Do fast food jobs deserve minimum wage? No, they don't. Working in fast food is a job that requires no skills or critical thinking. It's a job that a robot can do without messing up each order or spending too much time on their cell phone to notice that there's eight customers lined up who are hungry and need a double cheeseburger and a McRib. Fast food jobs should not ever get $15 an hour.

No teenagers need this amount of money this young, while they're ridiculously lazy and irresponsible. No adults should be working in fast food anymore because fast food jobs are not a career unless you're a manager. Fast food jobs are stepping stones into adulthood that teach menial amounts of responsibility such as arriving on time or following directions from higher ups and getting jobs done correctly. Fast food jobs are for teenagers and college students working part time while going to class.

If you're an adult working in fast food, then get out of that job as soon as you can. There's plenty of trade schools and colleges to go to in order to work your way OUT of fast food and into a more lucrative career that you can be proud of. Hell, go work at Home Depot and become an expert in a specific section.

Have you ever gone to Home Depot and not had your question answered? I learned how to fix a toilet at Home Depot and it cost me $6 and I didn't need a plumber. That guy, whomever he was, deserves $15 an hour because he's intelligent and has knowledgeable info for consumers. The zitty faced girl at McDonald's who Tweets about hating her life in between sleeping with the fry boy between shifts in the back room - she doesn't need $15 an hour.

She offers nothing to society that a robot couldn't do with an equal amount of zero emotion. Do you know anyone who owns a business? I do. I know a handful of small business owners and several people who work for very large companies. All of them are around 30 and older and have the same exact opinion on raising the minimum wage - they say it can potentially crush the middle class. And let me go into this by stating that none of my friends are rich. Literally none of them. No family members of mine are rich.

I have a very middle class surrounding of friends and family. Heck, I live in a row home! My wife and I both earn a salary and we still can't afford to move to the suburbs and detach ourselves from the smelly house front step neighbors who won't even buy a trashcan for out front and their house wafts a turd every time they open it. .

Anyway... A minimum raise hike to $15 an hour could dismantle small business and the middle class because it would cause costs of production to rise, leading to an decrease in jobs and a HOPE that consumers will still purchase the products or services that cost more. If a small business is barely getting by, then what do you think happens when their employees now earn more and the cost to manufacture rises, and the business owner has to raise prices on their service or items just to make up the difference? What happens when some consumers deem that too expensive and stop being customers? That harms the business.

What happens if the business simply can't afford to all their usual employees and now people lose jobs because the small business can't afford them? Seattle's restaurant industry lost jobs to the minimum wage hike. How does $15 an hour help if you can't find a job? From American Thinker

a) the city?s employment has fallen by more than 11,000, b) the number of unemployed workers has risen by nearly 5,000, and c) the city?s jobless rate has increased by more than 1 percentage point

Every person I know who is over 30 and works for themselves or works for a small company understands that business costs money to run, and if you increase the wages, then you must increase the cost of the product or service to make up for it. Whose pocket does that come out of? That comes out of our pockets.

Now our $20 lawn service costs $25, our $4 happy meal cost $6, etc. This is a striking blow to the middle and low class who barely scrape by as it is. My wife and I collectively earn $100k+ (barely) and we live check to check in a row home. We don't drive fancy cars, we don't eat lobster every night, and we don't even have DVR service because it costs an extra $10 and we don't have money for that. We also have a baby on the way and we're forced to refinance our home to save money for daycare, because being a stay at home parent would cause us to lose our home and everything else.

You know what that $15 minimum wage will do to the middle class? It will be the worst thing ever because while all the minimum wages go up, OUR salary does not go up. Our salary loses value and everything else costs more, thus causing us to somehow be more thrifty and perhaps use a credit card, which is fine, but why do we work so hard 80+ hours a week (collectively) to TRY and have nice things, just to watch some loser 28 year old high school drop out get a raise at Burger King, live on welfare, and have the same iPhone we do?

Forget that. I would not ever support a minimum wage to $15 unless my wages go up comparatively. If you want to make more money, then work harder and stop begging for it like a scumbag. I'd also approve of mentally handicapped folks earning $15 per hour because they don't have anyway to really earn more income than that. It's not their fault that their DNA was skewed during pregnancy and they really deserve to be able to support themselves. They are people and they deserve support as much as possible. That's a given.

But lazy Ralph over there who's been on unemployment for three years and doesn't look for jobs? Screw him. LaTasha over here who picks up her seven degenerate kids from public school and she doesn't do homework with them because she's too busy posting ugly selfies on Instagram with her iPhone 7 - screw her and her kids different dads that they probably haven't met yet. Your kids aren't a tax write off, loser.

Should we raise the minimum wage?

And as Mr. French would say...

This is America. If you don't make money you're a fucking douchebag. What are you going to do?

Bernie Sanders kinda says "It's OK to be a degenerate criminal LOSER" and wants police held to higher standards.

Is Bernie Sanders giving people an excuse to be criminals and act like idiots by sound like an anti-police moron? Why is he, in a roundabout way, denouncing police for their work? Police officers have the most crappy job on the planet. Cops are the sweaty underpaid version of a butt doctor who deals with a-holes all day, get into fights, get shot at, get called pigs for eating at Dunkin Donuts (cheap fast breakfast on a measly city salary), and deserve more support from the public than what they get now. Sure, there's a bad cop every once in a while.

There's a bad person at every job. I bet you can name at least five people you work with who suck at their job right now. I can name at least three people who barely come to work where I'm at, then another three or four who simply suck at their position.

That's normal in every job.

The only problem is that we don't usually get shot at or cursed out just for doing our jobs. I thank police for their service and every time I break the law on the highway (sorry, but sometimes I have to pass the really slow people) and I don't act like a jerk if I get pulled over for speeding. That's stupid. I KNOW I was speeding and I accept that the officer is doing what my taxes pay him to do. I just wish people got tickets for driving too slow in the left lane...but that's not how it is and cursing out a cop for something I did wrong is not how you act.

I've even had a cop pull a gun on me when I was maybe 17 or 18 years old in a car full of teenagers with another teen driving. You know whose fault it was? Mine. Cop pulled over my friend for turning on red (he didn't see the no turn on red sign) and as we're pulled over, one cop is getting my friends info on the driver side. The other cop, a woman, is on my side (I'm in passenger seat) and she's just keeping an eye on us. We're a car full of five or six teens and most likely we're up to no good. What carload of teens is up to something good? None! Actually, I think we were going to a BBQ as this happened in the middle of the afternoon, but anyway, the I totally and accidentally escalated this very quickly.

I REACHED DOWN to my shoe to scratch my foot because I had one of those brain crushing itches in the middle of my foot and it was literally the worst itch in my life. More worse than every time I had a dry ass from spending an hour in the bathroom. All I wanted to do was put my finger in my shoe and scratch until it bled through my Nike Airs. "HANDS UP NOW" she said as the gun was about three feet from my face. OMFG what did I just do? My hands went up faster than a boner than when I saw my first set of tits in an R movie. Once the officer saw that I was not a threat, and perhaps defecating myself like a toddler, she explained that you DO NOT EVER reach down into a car when stopped by police.

She said that you should always keep your hands visible. If you don't, it makes the officer think you're reaching for a weapon or hiding something. Ever since that day, I've always kept my hands where an officer can see them and if I have to reach for something, I always tell them I need to reach into the glove box to get documents. I always give the cops a heads up and wait for them to say it's OK.

Why do I do this? Because I know that if I'm pulled over, it's for a reason, and I need to treat the officer with respect and they will treat me with respect as well. Any incident with police I've ever had, from traffic tickets to numerous run-ins as a teenager, has ALWAYS ended peacefully because I know how to be respectful and comply to the law. The law has not ever once asked me to do something that is outside the boundaries of my rights, nor ever once stuck a finger in my rear for fun. I know a few of them eyed me up because I have a nice butt, but I've glove free except for my family doctor, and I still think it's weird he checked my prostate when I said I had a cough. From Delaware Valley News

He started to talk about education as opposed to incarceration.? A family that lives in public housing? that has a family member arrested for a crime faces a tough dilemma. That family member is no longer permitted to reside with his family and is barred from public housing assistance.? The have to move or the person arrested has to move.Sanders spoke about police violence against the African American community. Police should be held to a higher standard.

What does Bernie Sanders know about education? Does Bernie have any idea how many kids in urban public education come from homes of really bad parents who are either illiterate drop outs or don't care about their kids education? There's too many bad parents out there not doing homework, not having discipline in the home, not having any expectations for their little kids to go to school and succeed. When you come from a home that doesn't value education, then yes, you may end up in prison because your parents failed you and you're failing yourself. You get to a certain age where you know right from wrong, even if you're 19 and reading at a first grade level, you still know right from wrong.

Having an education provides more opportunity for you to behave and succeed, but a lack of education from anyone over 18 means you're just a degenerate and you should stop acting like one. We need productive citizens, fathers, mothers, and everyone to be better people and stop making it so we "can't have nice things." Bernie Sanders doesn't know a damn thing about education or the urban communities that ruin it because they don't care. However, if Bernie Sanders were to say to parents "stop being lazy and start doing homework" - do you think anyone would vote for him? Do suburban public schools have this problem? No, because those parents would whip their kids behind if they ever dared not to do homework and those parents value education because they'd be embarrassed if their kid ended up a piece of crap. You don't see that in urban neighborhoods.

All you see in urban neighborhoods is a plethora of people who don't care about school and it's really sad to witness it. I wish it could change. If Bernie Sanders said "stop committing crimes" instead of "police need more standards" - do you think anyone would vote for him? The problem with Bernie Sanders sounding like an anti-police, criminal friendly buffoon is that by putting higher standards on police, he's actively ignoring and pardoning criminals for their irresponsible actions, lack of good behavior, and inability to be a supportive and productive citizen of society. What kind of message does that send to everyone? It tells them to keep committing crime while we police the police?

That's the most irresponsible thing I've ever heard a politician say to gather in minority votes. Here's a better idea - tell citizens that THEY need to have higher standards for themselves. How about we stop committing senseless crimes? Why don't we stop acting like we're above the law and start working harder to be better contributors to our world? How about we tell people to be better Dad's to their kids? If we become better people, then maybe we will have less run-ins with police that end poorly for the convicted. For the record, I believe that almost every person a cop has shot - has deserved to be shot due to their actions towards police. And I also believe that there's some really terrible police out there who deserve to lose their badge due to their inappropriate use of violence.

Cops deserve to protect themselves because they have a family to go home to just like you do. But like I said - there are bad cops and the ones who act wrongly should be punished, just like criminals should be punished for their actions.

Who is Bernie Sander's target audience?

Idiot millennials and lazy people who want a handout and free pass to commit crime.

Will his plans work?

Only if it crushes the middle class from ruining small business and causing big business to raise prices on everything so they can afford to cover the additional expenses. It will not ever come out of the corporate pocket. It will come out of the consumer pocket and the middle class will be hit the hardest. His tax bracket is the same until you hit big money, at which point I don't agree that anyone earning that many millions should be taxed 52%.

Why do we penalized people for working hard and being successful? That's not fair. I don't think his free college plan will work because SOMEONE still pays for it, that being us, the taxpayers. I don't think his free healthcare will work because my healthcare is fine now. Obamacare is the worst thing that ever happened to healthcare in American history.

Anyone who needs it, CANNOT AFFORD IT, and many people who had perfectly fine health coverage before had to change their healthcare to something MORE EXPENSIVE which skewered a lot of small businesses.

Should we make the rich pay more taxes?

No. Screw you. I'm not even rich and I think this is a cop out to being lazy. How about you get off your butt and work harder? Someone who earned millions doesn't owe you a damn thing. If you want to be rich, then work rich, think rich, and maybe don't spend rich until you actually are rich. Stop asking for money from millionaires and start making your own money. If everyone on this planet worked a little bit harder and had more ambition, then we'd be exploring other planets and riding real hover-boards by now - not those fake ones with wheels that explode.

Who do we vote for?

I have no idea. This is the worst election I've ever seen. The democrats gave us two candidates- an unfit for office liar and an old guy who wants everyone to go broke and commit crimes. GOP gave us many candidates, the ones I thought would be OK have long since dropped out. The ones we're left with are a reality TV show guy with orange skin (Donald Trump if you're not sure), Ted Cruz who sometimes falls prey to Donald's over dramatic reality stunts, and Kasich who is theoretically still in it because some Soros fella is paying him to stay in the race, hoping Hillary gets the candidacy on her side and that the GOP elects Kasich because the Trump and Cruz dilemma is too much to handle.

I'd say that the GOP looks better this time around. Look at the last years of a democrat in the White House. It's a mess right now and his poor leadership and inability to love America has racial tensions and economy in a piss poor situation. If we ever needed change, now is the time. Start thinking about the problems that each candidate brings - not the answers, because they all say they have the answers and they don't ever follow through. Maybe we have to vote for the least of all evils, no matter what party they're in.

Don't vote democrat or republican just because you THINK you're supposed to. Everything is mixed up right now. It's almost like there is no party. Vote for the person that will help the middle class survive and thrive. That's the group of people who deserve it the most because they're the ones working hard and paying the most taxes.

The middle class deserves a president who stands for them. The rich deserve to keep their money. The lower class need to have higher standards for themselves, value education, and improve their own life instead of asking for handouts while everyone else goes to work. No one owes you a damn thing that you didn't work for.

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