The politics of the left and how they operate...

 This how they operate. Unintended consequences

Remember Acorn?

* A women in Chicago wanted a home loan but was turned down because she didn’t qualify.

* She went to Saul Alinsky the community organizer and he told her to go back and tell the bank if they didn’t lower their qualifying standards she would encourage all the minorities to swamp the bank by opening $1.00 accounts today and close the accounts the next day keeping that up until the standards were lowered.

* It worked and when she went back to Alinsky to thank him, he asked her, “Did you shake down the bank”? What she said? Ask them for money for the minorities and start a group. Acorn was born.

* Other banks hadn’t got the word yet, so the Acorn group started the program in other states to threaten the banks.

* About that time Bill Clinton thought that was great and who could be against minorities getting a break?

* However, Fanny and Freddy were still refusing sub standard loans, so the government took over Fanny and Freddy gave loans to anyone.

* There were many banks in trouble because of the sub standard loans and tried to stop the practice of sub standard loans.

* Along comes Janet Reno, Clinton’s AG and she publicly warned the loan people that any violations of the loan practices laid down by the Clinton administration would result in the entire federal government coming down on them.

* And who decided if the loan companies were not in compliance? That’s right ACORN. Obama was part of that system then.

* The government couldn’t get rid of the sub standard loans so they packaged them with some good loans but soon the system collapsed.

* Bush spoke against the program but Barney Frank lied to congress saying the program was great with no problems.

* In 2008 the entire home mortgage system collapsed and even now in 2019 the real estate system is suffering and home values are terrible.

* So now the government has numerous programs of tax money that are trying to help home owners and buyers because of the democrats short term stupidity.

* The student loan program is in serious trouble owning more than a TRILLION dollars thanks to the democrats.

* The ACA is destroying the HC and the democrats got it passed by lying and deceiving the American people. We had the greatest HC in the world until the democrats took over.

* Then the student loan program was taken over but the federal government that drove up the cost of education by Obama. Now when the young people that have graduated they can’t qualify to buy a home and the real estate market is suffering due to more democrat stupidity.

* See the pattern? Short term moves to get votes with years of suffering due to the long term effects. And they blame someone else for their political short term stupidity.

* Now the democrats want open borders, abolish ICE and everything is going to be free? They complain that the debt is too high but with free stuff the debt would go up over 3.5 Trillion a year. Liberal insanity. 

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