The real reason millennials struggle for success


Angela Duckworth wrote a great article about why millennials struggle with success and the answer was simple and effective:?Millennial babies lack grit. I'll add a few cents to that opinion in the sense that millennials are often wussified, entitled, and clueless. millennial girl When you meet someone who's in the age group of being in college or just graduating, they don't seem to have much sense of the real world. They've spent so much time texting and snap chatting that they're literally clueless. If the world was an app, they'd know what to do, but unfortunately the world is far from an app. Millennials also generally lack a strong work ethic. Sure, you may have graduated college, but college is fairly easy when you're only taking 4-5 classes and have more free time than anything.

Then again, have you see the colleges lately? I am ashamed of the kids protesting for all the stupid reasons, losing out on the real college experience, and making themselves look terrible in public. And then you have that Melissa Click lady who these kids are supposed to look up to? A woman calling for violence towards people who are not violent? That's nonsense.

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Duckworth mentions many sensible points in her analysis of the millennial. My thoughts are a bit less sensitive than hers, but I think we're on the same page for most items. My advice to millennial's is to do whatever you can to NOT be labeled as a millennial. Work hard. Toughen your skin.?Earn what's yours instead of acting entitled. Don't adjust your life just be be politically incorrect.