There was a time when Michelle Obama said Harvey Weinstein is a 'Wonderful Human Being’

When you look back to 2013, there was a time when Michelle Obama referred to disgraced Harvey Weinstein as a 'wonderful human being' and we can only imagine that she regrets saying that nowadays.

Even worse, the Obama family allowed one of their daughters, Malia, to intern with Harvey Weinstein.

It wasn't until years later in 2017 that Harvey Weinstein would be outed as one of the worst monsters in all of Hollywood, worse than anything guys like Stephen King could even imagine.


But when you look back, it makes you wonder if the Obama family ever knew what horrible things Harvey Weinstein and the actresses involved were really up to. Hollywood has a very bad reputation for being filthy in the sense that guys like Harvey take advantage of women who want to further their career, and at the same time - many of the women know this and use their body to their advantage - because honestly, it works both ways, but only one side is ever portrayed as a predator. We all know they are both equally disgusting, but no court is going to prosecute both sides, even though they should all be ashamed of themselves.

It's almost like Hollywood works like this: the guy producer knows that some women are looking to do whatever it takes to get a role, and the women know if they go along with it, they might actually get the role. This is probably why there are so many bad actors in Hollywood to begin with, and so many really good ones we don't know about yet - because those people have actual morals and won't sleep their way to the top. Instead, they end up on Broadway or local theater, despite how good they might be.

But with all the scandals that Harvey Weinstein was apparently involved in, how did he manage to keep that all a secret to the Obama family who apparently praises him in this video below. Well, Michelle does at least... It just really makes you wonder how deep the rabbit hole on scandals and corruption goes and if you will ever see the end of it.


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