Thief burns himself trying to steal HOT pasta in his underwear

At the Forrest Road Fresh supermarket in Perth, a young shoplifter tried to experiment with a not-so-clever technique to steal an aluminum container of hot spaghetti. In a video posted by the shop owners on Facebook, the guy carefully hides the hot meal in his pants, covered by a long black T-shirt. He holds in his hand two soda bottles.

Seconds later, he visibly starts to realize that something is wrong. The spaghetti are so hot that he starts limping, and puts down the soda bottles to hurry towards the exit.


At a certain point, he can’t take the pain anymore and, in front of the other customers, he has to pull down his pants to take off the lid of the container. Then, he runs out of the door.

Hundreds of customers of the Aussie supermarket commented on the hilarious video. "Natural justice in action!," commented a woman.

Others were outraged by the fact that the shoplifter, despite seeming so desperate for food, probably had the intention to buy the two bottles of soda.


“He’s obviously buying those drinks which is equivalent to some bread n jam," commented another customer.

Needless to say, at the end the guy has been caught by the owners of the shop.

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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