This is the most racist vacation ever and white people aren't welcome

There's a new vacation for people to go on and it's being called the most racist vacation ever. If you're white, then you're not allowed or welcome on the trip. It's a vacation for people of color only. Biracial, good luck! You probably aren't invited either due to being half whitey. No trip for you! The trip is called the "Women of Color Healing Retreat" and a group of 10 black women went to Costa Rica for a week to escape from white people, eat gross vegan food, meditate, and do yoga. Sounds relaxing, except for the food part, but it's not like anyone is forcing them to eat vegan. That's a non-issue. The real issue is that it seems to be quite sexist and racist.

This all stems from a story/video that was featured on 'Vice News Tonight' and then some obvious outrage poured in on social media. Let's be honest, if a group of black women go on a trip, does anyone actually care? No. People go on trips all the time. I think the reason that people posted their fake outrage is because the trip was basically advertised as anti-white. So, if they just went on their trip as a group of friends often do, then it would be a non-issue.

What this really means is that once they gave it the "let's go on a trip without men or white people" label, that's why people got annoyed. I couldn't care less. I have went on all white vacations before. It was with my family, and I'm white, so I guess it was like the only option I had as a kid.


An article from The Wrap stated more info about the trip and what sparked the controversy.

“The idea is simple, for 10 days black women come together to eat vegan food, meditate and do yoga,” said Vice News correspondent Antonia Hylton, who spent a week in Costa Rica at the “Women of Color Healing Retreat.”
The story, which first aired on “Vice News Tonight” in February, took off online for the wrong reason with mostly right-leaning critics lining up to attack the piece. A tweet from Vice promoting the segment received significantly more comments than retweets — a ratio often used as a measure of Twitter criticism.
“I have nothing against segregation as the driving force behind a vacation, and if it helps a few bigoted, stressed out, or self-ruined people cope, great, I’m for it, but the individuals in this clip are REALLY bad representations of what it means to be ‘woke,'” tweeted Playboy columnist Art Tavana on Sunday. 
“This truly makes me sad,” actress Kristy Swanson added. 
“I wonder why some people think ‘diversity’ and ‘anti-racism’ are code words for white-bashing,” opinion columnist Cathy Young wrote.

To me, it's a group of people going on a trip like any other group of people. Just don't label your trips with a racist title and you'll be OK. You can't advertise segregation and think people won't get annoyed with it. Our planet has fought against racism and segregation, so to openly advertise it now is just a really stupid idea.

Here's a video that talks more about it from Nuance Bro on YouTube.


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