His wife ran an illegal daycare, but his sick crime is horrifying

Thomas Joseph Perthuis, 76-years-old, was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. He is reported to have had inappropriate contact with a young girl who was staying at his wife's illegal daycare in their home. The girl would go there after school and that's when the man allegedly did terrible things to the four-year-old girl.

SANTA FE, TX (KTRK) -- Investigators say Perthuis' wife ran a child care center at the couple's home on the 4500 block of Tower Road in the Sante Fe area of Galveston County.

The alleged sex assault was reported to Galveston County Sheriff's Office on February 21. Investigators say the four-year-old victim's mother and a counselor initially reported the incident to Santa Fe ISD Police.

Perthuis allegedly checked himself into a hospital when the incident was first brought to his attention. The accused man was arrested on Wednesday, when deputies were able to interview him about the incident.

Eyewitness News learned Perthuis' wife was allegedly running an illegal child care operation. A spokeswoman with the Department of Child Care Licensing says the agency determined the was not regulated by the state. The agency has asked Perthuis' wife to immediately stop doing business as child care center. The investigation into the home-based child care operation is ongoing.


Can't trust anyone these days. He looks like someone who should be watching reruns of Archie Bunker while enjoying his retirement and spending time with family. Instead, he was ruining families by molesting people.

What a sick crime to be arrested for. I hope the girl recovers and is OK.

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