Steve Benen's article on MSNBC?suggests that congress is taking a discouraging turn towards the free lunch program, but I think the free lunch program needs to be 100% cancelled for several reasons. The first reason it should be canceled is because it's disgusting and the kids throw most of it in the trash. Have you seen a free school lunch in the urban public schools? They feed these kids the equivalent of dog food. There's a darn good reason the kids throw it out. It's disgusting. The free school lunch program can't even make a decent hot dog, and we all know hot dogs are super cheap. How does someone mess that up?


free lunch program


Another reason it should be canceled is because it's an enabler to lazy people who refuse to work. Why is MY TAX MONEY feeding your kid? No thanks. I want your kid to be taken care of, but I want YOU to take care of them. I shouldn't have to feed everyone's child when I have my own to feed (soon enough). I didn't have free lunches at school and my parents worked like crazy to provide us with a living. They did whatever they had to do. They did NOT sit home playing on their free Obama phone and?getting their hair done with their leech money like some wacky welfare queens. Steve's article on MSNBC proves that SLATE is clueless in their claims that everyone loves free school lunches. That's 100% false. Slate should visit an inner city Philly or Camden school and they'll change their mind quickly when they witness students taking?their dog food tasting, barely cooked, nasty vomit inducing "food" from the lunch ladie's hand and straight to the trash can.