Toddler buys $430 couch on Amazon when playing with mom's phone

Toddlers require lots of attention, every parent knows about it. If they won't get what they want, things can turn bad, just like it happened to one San Diego toddler and her mom.

When her mom was busy with some stuff, she gave her 2 years daughter her phone for just a moment. Badly for her, she was browsing before on the same phone for some couches on Amazon, thinking which one of them she should buy.


Like it appeared later, she didn't have to think about it anymore, as her 2 year old daughter already chose one. By accident of course. Her mom left on her smartphone working Amazon app. Her curious-of-everything little daughter just pressed one bottom on that phone and voila! The $430 couch has been ordered and arrived a few days later.

A few days later, when Isabella McNeil was at work, she received an alert on her phone that "the couch has shipped". "But I don't remember ordering any couch", she thought to herself in the very same moment. Just a few minutes later she remembered that she actually gave her 2-year-old daughter her phone for just few minutes. And that was the reason.

Now Isabella McNeil has one big problem standing in her house, which is a huge $430 couch. And like she discovered later, it's actually more economic now to try to resell this couch on some site like Craigslist, than try to get a refund from Amazon. To get one, she would have to spend over $100 on various fees and shipping, which is not worth it.


Moral of the story? Toddlers and smartphones don't go well together, even if they are from Silicon Valley in California.

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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