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Shivering Toddler Found Clinging To Deceased Mother in Hurricane Harvey

A three-year-old child was found clinging to her drowned mother in a flooded canal in Texas. The child was most likely saved by her mothers efforts to get somewhere safe and avoid the devastating floods resulting from Hurricane Harvey.

Local police have identified the mother as 41-year-old Colette Sulcer.  Police officials noted that the little girl, who was found clinging to her deceased mother's back, was at a local hospital being treated for hypothermia. She's currently in good condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

One police officer said that she envisioned what she would have done if it was her in that situation and concluded that she would have put her kid on her back and tried to swim for safety.

Findings indicate that Sulcer's car got caught in a flooded parking lot near an interstate.

One witness saw the unfortunate event unfold. She said that woman slung the girl onto her back and tried to walk out of the flooded area before an unexpected current from a nearby drainage canal hit them and washed them both away.


The female police officer stated that they found the little girl still up and out of the water, noting that the mother most likely saved her life.

Beaumont Police Department dispatched a search and rescue team to the scene via boat which located the pair about a half-mile downstream from where they were initially swept away.  The boat reportedly got to the girl in the nick of time as the pair were about to go under a railroad trestle.  Bystanders said that the water was up to the trestle's level and the responding rescue team would not have been able to get to the child in time if they had gone under the trestle.  The team pulled them into the rescue boat, the child first, and attempted to resuscitate the mother but were not successful.

A local civilian joined the rescue effort and had the team load the mother and daughter into the bed of his pickup truck so he could drive them to a nearby awaiting ambulance.


The little girl was promptly taken to the closest hospital, Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital and was released on Wednesday.

Word has it that everyone at the hospital, including the police officers fell in love with the girl who had higher than expected spirits and was noted as being quite chatty.

Beaumont is 85 miles east of Houston. Harvey's devastation has provided torrential downpour and multiple inches of rain causing canals to overflow and flash floods to occur.

Harvey has weakened into a tropical storm but has made landfall a second time in Louisiana after a brief stint in the Gulf of Mexico.  Harvey has been unprecedentedly erratic and extremely dangerous in its course.

Experts suggest Harvey is like Katrina and Sandy combined.

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