Brutal Tokyo KNIFE attack leaves 19 killed and 45 injured

Tokyo knife attack

A shooting at a Florida nightclub just happened, and now a knife attack is reported in Tokyo. A reported 19 killed and 45 injured, with some in critical condition, is the latest count of the Tokyo knife attack. A man in his 20's who was a former employee broke into a disabled home and stabbed and sliced about 64 people. He was later arrested by police and is in custody.

knife attack in tokyo 2

RT - A man was arrested after killing 19 people and injuring 45 others in a stabbing rampage at a facility for the disabled in Japan?s Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo, local media reported, citing authorities.

Twenty of the injured are in critical condition, the national fire department, which also performs emergency medical care, has said. A 26-year-old man was arrested by police after the attack, national broadcaster NHK reported. He was said to be holding a knife.

This is the knife confiscated by police. It looks like a regular kitchen knife that Paula Deen would've used before her career took a dump for dropping the N-bomb 100 years ago.

knife attack in tokyo

Anti gun people should shut up after seeing this attack. It's not the item in question, but the person who controls the item and does bad things with it. This knife didn't stab that many people on it's own - it required a sick individual to do it. What are we going to do, ban kitchen items? The Tokyo knife attack is more evidence that banning items is not the answer to fighting violence. Some people on social media ask how this man was able to stab so many people. It's because he broke into a home full of disabled people at 2:30 AM when they were probably sleeping, not to mention the fact that many disabled people are unable to protect themselves. I wonder what triggered this man into such a violent action. Whatever it was, it was twisted. He's in police custody now, but this has to be very concerning and sad for people to read.

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