Toothpick Crossbow May Be The End Of Fidget Spinners

The latest toy craze is the toothpick crossbow. Sounds dangerous, right? 

This new toy fires toothpicks at a target of the users choice, which could be potentially dangerous if the target is a human or animal. Some people are replacing the toothpicks with metal needles that are powerful enough to crack glass. Imagine getting hit by that while you're at school!

Looking at the photos of the toothpick crossbow shows it definitely could do harm if used inappropriately. If could even lead to some very serious injuries.

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Parents in China want the newest toy to be banned due to concerns it could injure or blind people. The toy is sold at places such as Ebay for as little as 7 yuan which is the equivalent to around 80 pence, making it an easy toy to get your hands on. How much is that in USD? I have no idea!

Police in China's Chengdu are said to have stopped the sale of the toy and parents are said to be urging the government to put in place a nationwide ban.

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Parents in China are calling for the latest toy craze - miniature crossbows that shoot toothpicks - to be banned.

They are concerned that the 'toothpick crossbows' could cause injuries and even blind children.

Although the toy is intended to be used with toothpicks, if replaced with metal needles they could be powerful enough to crack glass, the newspaper said.

Police in China's Chengdu have reportedly stopped sales of the toy and parents have urged the government to introduce a nationwide ban.

And parents in the UK, already frustrated by the fidget spinners craze, could find themselves facing demands for more dangerous toys.

These new toothpick crossbows are the most craziest toy I have seen in a while. Anyone knows that children do not always pay attention to what they are doing and putting something like this in the hands of a child is asking for a lot of problems.

Children could be potentially blinded from this hot new toy craze if the toothpick crossbow is not used as it's supposed to be- whatever that may be.

This toy is said to be the next biggest craze after the fidget spinner which became very popular a few months ago.

Even with the fidget spinner parents were complaining about how they were dangerous when used by children because of choking hazards and even them being thrown at one another.

The fidget spinner is a lot less dangerous for children to play with because you cannot shoot someone with a needle that can pierce the body. There are no sharp parts on a fidget spinner to blind someone or cause serious injury.

One concern could be children who bully using these crossbows to injure children and that is the last thing we want to see.

These kind of toys should not be sold to children. Even the responsible kids have accidents sometimes.

What are your thoughts on the toothpick crossbow? Would you allow your child to have one or would you rather see them banned worldwide?

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