Top 5 Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories

These are just a few of the popular Jeffrey Epstein suicide conspiracies going around the web. None of these are proven, they're just theories people are talking about. Keep that in mind that none of the below are proven facts, just speculation and thought - nothing more (that we know of). Even celebrities are pushing Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories. It's getting wild out there, so we came up with a list of them for you.

1. It was the Clinton's. They did this to prevent Epstein from talking about Bill and their associates. This is the top theory going around and it got really weird when Epstein's Manhattan mansion revealed a portrait of Bill Clinton in a blue dress and red heels. This will likely be the most popular theory, especially with the list of Clinton associates who have mysteriously passed away.

2. Inmates killed Epstein because they hate pedophiles, and someone wanted that "notch" on their belt. It's known that inmates in prison despise of pedophiles and often kill them. Killing Jeffrey Epstein would be like killing a rare dinosaur in the ocean with a single spear. It's trophy hunting for hardened criminals. Epstein's broken neck has contributed to the murder and strangulation theories. Epstein was left unchecked for hours, was that on purpose?

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3. Jeffrey Epstein is still alive. Powerful people faked his death, moved him, and we won't ever see him again. The photograph of his supposed dead body being wheeled around has people talking about this because the nose looks different. Chuck Schumer got lots of money from Epstein, so there's that to think about. Is there a special witness protection program for high powered rich people? Is that where Tupac is? I hope so.

4. The medical examiner who said Jeffrey Epstein hung himself while on suicide watch (or not) is just protecting themselves. This could be true. What if theory #1 was true, then most people would do the same thing.

5. It was Russia. Joe Scarborough came up with the most oblivious comment thus far, saying something along the lines of Jeffrey Epstein's suicide being "how predictably Russian" and he received a ton of comments about that one.

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What happens next for the Jeffrey Epstein saga?

Some people believe the victims will still find justice, but not the way they wanted.

Some believe Epstein's right hand lady, Ghislaine Maxwell, might end up in court - or the same way as Epstein.

Some people just like reading all of the wild theories and finding entertainment value out of it, except in the case of the alleged victims.

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