Man Complains Because Store Wouldn't Let Him In Women's Dressing Room

A man named Travis Alabanza was shopping with friends at a store named Topshop located in Manchester. He picked out some items he wanted to try on and he walked toward the women's changing room. That's when he was swiftly rejected because he's not a woman.  Sorry lad, only women are allowed in the women's changing room. He claims to identify as trans-feminine and he thought it was necessary to pitch a fit about his denial of entry on Twitter. 

Topshop responded by changing their dressing rooms from men's and women's to having them all be gender neutral. Now your daughter can try on a swimsuit next to a grown man who might take pictures of her or assault her. Now your young boy might be attacked by a ravenous older woman looking for some action. Either situation is sure to be a nightmare for parents.

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See here the time a man from Chicago strangled an 8-year-old in the bathroom.

See here the time a transgender raped a child in the bathroom.

See why it's a problem? 

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What part of the rights of women are being violated in this? Why are women not allowed to have anything for themselves? All they want is a dressing room where they can have some privacy and now they'll have creepy guys next to them. Once a guy leans his hands over/under the dressing room stall to take a naked picture of someone, that's it. The picture is forever. Why should women put up with that? Why can't women have the comfort of privacy and safety in their own dressing room?

From a males perspective, I don't really care because I'm older, but I know girls don't want to be next to us in the dressing room. What happens when a guy rips a loud gasser and stinks up the entire room while trying on a new pair of work pants? Women don't need to be around that. And men don't want to be around the ladies when they're shopping and showing each other how things look.

Shopping for women is a mecca and they deserve to have their privacy without some creepy guys lurking next to them in the changing rooms.

When we're born, we're either male or female and we cannot chose which one we are.

Travis Alabanza can dress up as whatever he wants, but he will always be a male. He needs to stay out of the women's dressing room and allow the ladies to have their privacy.

If there's one thing a man should not ever do, it's infringe on a woman's enjoyment of shopping with her friends. That's woman territory and us men don't belong in it. Even if you're the token gay male friend, you still don't belong in the women's dressing room.

Trans identities are not real and it's time for people to stop infringing on the rights of real women.

There's too many creeps in the world and bending the rules for people who bend genders is not of best interest.  Go where you belong, Travis, because you don't belong in the women's room and that's a fact, bro.

Here's a video from Now This Her (should be Now This Him).

And here's the Tweet that started the fiasco.

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