‘Tornado of poop’: people's homes ruined after raw sewage spews from toilets

We all know what a tornado looks like, that huge swirling cone of wind and water that looks as if it is alive. Now picture that tornado being brown, smells like sewage and is inside your bathroom. Sounds disgusting? Just imagine how the 4 residents of Melrose, Mass. felt when this really happened to them.


The residents were forced to leave their homes when raw sewage began to spew uncontrollably out of their toilets in four different homes.

The bathrooms in these homes were left covered in filth and feces when the sewage poured out of the toilets without warning.

One woman, Siliva Ortiz, captured video of her toilet as it was overflowing. She said "I was getting ready for work and then I heard a bubble, it was a crazy scene. It literally just spun and flowed out." She then added that "A tornado of poop started forming and started spewing out."


City workers responded to a call of a possible sewer blockage and learned that the main sewer line was blocked, resulting in a backup of the entire system, Melrose Mayor Gail Infurna said.

Going on Ortiz said "It destroyed everything. All of the floors, all of the walls need to come out, the whole bathroom as to be gutted."

People who live on the street say that the city over pressurized a blocked line which caused sewage to back up in their homes.

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One resident even caught it all on camera. The blockage has since been repaired and the city is still working to determine what caused the blockage.

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