Tourists flocking to Jeffrey Epstein's Island in the Caribbean

While Jeffrey Epstein’s death is under investigation, his island is garnering attention and is becoming a tourist spot. Many travelers have been flocking on what is now deemed “pedophile Island” due to the acts of pedophilia and other questionable activities that took place there.

Located in the Caribbean, Little St. James Island, is regarded by the federal agents as Epstein’s primary residence. This island lies just off the southeast coast of St. Thomas.

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One of Epstein’s alleged victims stated in a court affidavit that she participated in an orgy with Epstein and many others. The history and everything that took place there are stirring curiosity, with some of the tourist attractions being the two white and yellow cockatiel statues and a life-size statue of a Holstein-Friesian cow.

Jon Stewart, the owner of a charter boat company, commented that no one used to pay attention to it, in an interview with the Associated Press last Wednesday. He added that there are a ton more tourists there.

People’s curiosity reached its peak when a group of FBI agents descended on the property this week. All while carrying what appears to be several large items from the island.

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While the future of the island is unclear, some locals suggest that the buildings should be turned into schools.

A retiree named Trevor Downes commented that a hotel would be a nice thing due to the place becoming a hot spot for tourists since the locals need jobs and this will help the economy. It was John Richards, a taxi driver, who pointed out what others believe is an obvious solution. He believes that the victims should get part of the island. However, this may spike Post Traumatic Stress disorder that many of Epstein’s victims suffer from.

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The fate of the island remains unknown.

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